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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ghost Of You

Another performance post, so to speak. This was a tough cover to play, but I love the original version a lot and so after a few minutes of self-debating (I won) I decided to post it anyway. If you want to see the original version (I strongly suggest you do, because my version is way too watered down) then click here.

This is by My Chemical Romance, and it's called "Ghost Of You". Click here to download the audio if you can't watch the video.


T said...

love this one. nicely done yo.

Makuluwo said...

Your reinterpretations of songs are so interesting! Cuz they aren't at all like the original but are still awesome in a different way.
This one's beautiful.
I'd love to see what you could do to a classic Beatles song though! No pressure, just a request if you ever feel like it. (:

Charm Bracelet said...

Very nice G. Very nice.

Charm Bracelet said...

Very nice G. Very nice.

messiahofmadness said...

I was actually nicknamed Simon Cowell back in school...
And after reading Maku's oh-so Paula Abdul-ish comment I was tempted to say something close to what Cowell would say, but I can't since you've admitted it's a water down version =P

K,k, I'll admit you certainly can sing, no doubts about that.

Ghost of You is one of my all time favourite songs!

Gehan said...

T: thanks a lot T.. :)

Makuluwo: thanks! im glad u liked it, tho im not so sure if the beatles is down my alley :)

charm bracelet: thank u, thank u..

charm bracelet: thank u, thank u :D

MoM: sigh.. i think i said in one o my earlier posts that these AREN'T audition tapes for american idol.. if i put up a picture of myself, are u gnna pull a tyra banks on me and say i'm not in the runnin to become america's next top model? i didnt think so.. same thing here :) i understand tho, i kno u'd like a rock song to sound like a rock song.. perhaps these vids arent for u then :)

Dili said...

Simon Cowell may be harsh, but he never dissed a good interpretation, he loves a good interpretation. I think this is a totally different and uniquely beautiful side to an excellent piece of music.

Watered down doesnt mean bad, its for a different palate.


Charm Bracelet said...



messiahofmadness said...

Dude, I was actually throwing you a compliment there... =S

PseudoRandom said...

Now why on earth would I want to listen to the original after this?

Makuluwo said...

Heeeey just cuz I thought it was a beautiful interpretation doesn't make me Paula Abdooool. >.<

Baby Z said...

Why are you always headless? Nobody cares what you look like G, but please for f**k's sake show a a movie clip or SOMETHING, 4 minutes is too damn long to be looking at a mfing wall. That's partly why I can't sit through your songs. Maybe I have ADD, but that's just how I am.

Sabby said...

Jeez, these people sound like you are forcing them to listen to it ... or watch the damned video. If you don't like...or find it boring or wateva, just don't bother, yea?!

Seriously annoying much? =S

Anyway, love the song Gehan. As always! *swoons* =)

Gehan said...

dili: thanks a lot!! :)

charm bracelet: lol u have GOT to stop calling me that! :P

MoM: :) im sorry, perhaps i was too harsh.. but to be fair, u have a funny way of complimenting someone! :D again, i think i understand where ur comin from tho..

pseudorandom: lol u are, as always, too kind.. :)

makuluwo: lol..!

baby z: i dnt even kno wat to say to that..

sabby: haha.. yes, well, i cant expect everyone to swoon now can i? :D thanks sabby :)

Baby Z said...

Sorry G, didn't mean to bamboozle ya. What I mean to say is that our tastes in music are worlds apart. You and me are complete opposites with virtually nothing in common.

Sabby: Thanks for stating the obvious, I don't think I'll be watching anymore videos.

Celestial said...




hijinx said...

:) Nice... For once, I liked the original better - for once I'd listened to the original before :S But, as always, you're sounding good. :D

Also, lol@u for not recognising a compliment :P

T said...

do you have an email address? i have a secret comment. lol

who else but me said...

sigh. you've got a groupie in me. :D

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