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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Leave Out All The Rest

As tempted as I was to write a stinker of a post to defend the Darkside, I was forced to put that on hold when I was struck by inspiration at the keyboard. It was late, and I was just messing around, so this video may not be of stellar quality, but I quite like it if I do say so myself. As I told a fellow blogger, these headless videos of mine aren't audition tapes for American Idol, so it doesn't matter that much to me. But if you're a musician or a singer, you'll understand the need and desire to perform in front of an audience, not necessarily for their approval but rather for the sake of your own release.

I hope you like it; it is my own rendition, but I hope it still retains something from the original.



Click here to download the song.

Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest

EDIT: I've redone this cover and added it on youtube here. To download the new version, just click here.


FINroD said...

machan tht was simply beautiful.. very well done indeed... keep them coming man..

PseudoRandom said...

Yay! :-) Actually I hadn't heard this song before so I just went and checked out the original too. You know how I feel about your acoustic renditions of otherwise 'noisy' songs :-)

Want more! :D

hijinx said...

Wow.. I almost cried when I heard this song again - probably for reasons which had nothing to do with your singing, I'll admit - sesxy as it is :P
It sounded good though, and I like your rendition better, because it somehow got the message in the song across to me better... :)

alicia said...

Nice song, and well done as usual :) But I wouldn't say this one of your best. The previous one had me tearing. Hence.

Makuluwo said...

Woah. I vote for more of these performance posts! ;D
Way more emotion in this version, so more memorable than the original. You got some crazy mad skillZ, bro. O_o

alicia said...

Er. Actually the one before that. Doesn't matter. In any case you be blessed with a voice like that and a talent to showcase.

Sabby said...

I heart your voice. *Dies of swooning*

Baby Z said...

Your voice sounds good G, but it sounds almost American, yet you were born and raised in SL, no? However I think Lanta (my husband)sounds better (he doesn't sing though, he just raps), he was born in America and raised in a Spanish-speaking part of the country (you guessed it, Miami) so his accent is a mix of American, Spanish, and Sri Lankan, mad sexy. My accent is a combination of American and Spanish cuz my dad is Puerto Rican. We usually speak Spanish or Spanglish at home, cuz that's what I'm used to.

gutterflower said...


I think you've just scored another groupie.


Disease said...

Dude that was Awesome man u r an inspiration to anyone who loves Music mate

3 Cheers to the Darkside :D


Scrumpulicious said...

I won't die of swooning but HOT DAMN!

T said...

that was great. love your voice, its so deliciously mellow!

Gehan said...

finrod: thanks dude...

pseudorandom: lol see, im expanding ur musical knowledge as well ;) haha im glad u liked it :) ur turn :P

hijinx: lol i certainly HOPE i didnt make u cry..! and thanks, im flattered u feel that way :)

alicia: u have very high standards for me ;) lol thank u, n btw songs DO have names u know :P

makuluwo: haha well thank u very much sis :D as for more perfomance posts, i squeeze em out whenever i can :)

sabby: awwwww... thank u...... :$

baby z: err.. thank u.. i think..?

gutterflower: YES! :D please contact my head groupie sabby for registration details.. lol.. ;) im glad u liked it....... :)

disease: thanks dude!! and thank u for ur oscar thingy as well, im very flattered :)

scrumpy: lol well maybe next time then ;) haha thanks scrumps! :)

T: wow, thank u VERY much.. see? non-ambigious comments are so much easier ... ;)

alicia said...

Very high standards for sure. Can you blame me ? ;) I've heard acoustic , with & without music and even live versions of you.
And I don't remember song names, rather the emotion that each song brings out. I have fleeting memory when it comes to lyrics as well, you know that, unless ofcourse strings are pulled :p ppppbbbbt!

krazykyd said...

ahh finally heard it on my a-pod :D on ma playlist now...

i must say... Nice! the lyrics meant more this time than ever...and this comin frm an LP fan ;)

loved wat uve done with the chorus...:) ...

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