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Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear RD

Apparently, three years ago today marked the beginning of the timeless and erstwhile ageless blog, "London, Lanka and Drums".

So to you, Rhythmic Diaspora, happy blogoversary!

Though I am a relative newcomer to the blogosphere, RD has been around since what seems like the beginning of time. From humble beginnings, he now pretends not to boast of his burgeoning readership and semi-celebrity status (only Soixante Neuf can claim that tag - and perhaps The Maharajah), while at the same time showing us all that you can be middle aged and still talk about farts.

It seems RD is currently in Singapore, and now finds himself in the strange predicament of being closer to home and yet further away from the internet. Yes, only RD could manage something like that.

Here's wishing you many happy years of blogging ahead.

And also, here's hoping your daughter K stumbles upon your blog through some fateful chance; I can only imagine the carnage she would create for you, and the utter glee in which your faithful readers would swallow up the resulting blog posts!


Jerry said...

Eh... that pic's a lil old for the fella, isn't it?

Baby Z said...

Tzahn! Pops is about to burn down the mfing crib with his cake. What is he a million years old? Looks like he can't even see the cake.

Sachintha said...

Ah, me too hope so much that K would find out about his blog!

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