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Monday, March 23, 2009

Cry Me A River

As you can probably tell, I've become a bit lazy with regards to posting these days. For those that actually look forward to them, I apologise. It has been an 'interesting' time at home and I fear it affects my writing, and I'm sure you all know about my stance on cribbing online.

Don't worry, I have some of my usual random observations in the pipeline; it's just a case of getting them out on (paper?).

Till then, here is another cover which I worked on for a bit. I feel it could sound a lot better with some added instruments perhaps, as it is a bit of an experiment to say the least. Still, I hope you enjoy it.

Click here to download the song instead.


PseudoRandom said...

Goosebumps! My favourite so far :-)

Baby Z said...

My husband plays the guitar. He learned on the old fashioned acoustic guitar when he was 8, but got an elecrtic guitar when he was 12. He gave it up though in favor of freestyle. He can play some hype Jimi Hendrix and of course Stairway to Heaven. Boo doesn't play unless I ask him to. I suspect that's only because there's *** involved. He refuses to play for his parents or anyone else.

Just Me said...

OMG I loved the vocal coordination at the "Cry me a River" part.


I'm with PseudoRandom :) Shivers :)

Dark Angel said...

WOW!! ;) OH man that was just awsome!!!!!
....and I loved it!


Disease said...

Now this is why I think u r Elton John in the Piano and better than JT when it comes to Singing =D

Cheers Man Superb... =D

alicia said...

oh gehan.

alicia said...

after 5x and counting times of listening, i have a tiny puddle near me.

Charm Bracelet said...

Probably one of your best G.

You made me scoot off n get my headset to have a better listen :)
The way you end the piano bit is really nice.

messiahofmadness said...

That's not half bad. And that coming from someone who winces and dashes off when she hears Justin Timberlake.

Gehan said...

pseudorandom: ooh, really? awesome! next time i'll try n work in a northern irish accent :P

baby Z: i see :)

just me: lol..! im so glad u liked it that much! :)

dark angel: haha it was amazing AND u loved it? score! :D thank u very much.. :)

disease: haha thanks dude..!

alicia: tsk tsk, u actually sighed?? :P glad u liked it :)

charms: hey, thanks a lot! :)

MoM: really? comin from u thats sayin something.. lol.. thanks a lot!!

Java Jones said...

Hey Gehan - I like the way you write and also your voice, so be assured this is not a put-down in any way - rather an effort to add what I hope will be taken as constructive criticism. The few songs I have heard you sing seem to be very similar in chord structure and rhythm (of course it may be coincidental), so perhaps if you broaden your range in both respects it may bode well for the future - if you have ideas of honing your obvious talent.

Keep on truckin'!

Gehan said...

java: hey..! thanks for da tip, i def appreciate any criticism that can help me get better! :) i agree, i do tend to stick to a particular rhythm and i think thats somethin good artists need to break from, so ill def work on that.. hope u keep reading!

Scrumpulicious said...

Awesome dude! :$

who else but me said...

in the words of Paula Abdul- "you could sing the phone book" and sound amazing. :)

T said...

i didnt like this at first, but after listening to the youtube clip a couple times (and after hearing it live!), G, this is pretty damn sexy.

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