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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Single Ladies (Put A Rant On It)

While going through my regular reads of the blogosphere, I came across an interestingly titled post by the Colombo Ranter - "Hawt Male Bloggers". As I started reading, my dark mind immediately kicked into gear. "Women.. pfft! Why are they so emotional? So naive? So easily swayed by the words of faceless men! To assume they can judge hotness by a style of writing - ha!"

Then I saw my name (well a variant of it at any rate).

My dark mind immediately kicked into Grammy mode - "Wow. I just want to take this opportunity to thank the fans, y'know. This ones for you. I like to thank my producer, my stylist, lil Jim, Black Suga, Universal rec-curds, for BELIEVING in me! To my mom, my baby sistah, my kids, even the ones I don't know about. Err. To all the haters, y'know, I made it yall! And, err, thank you Gawd. Yeah."

So with much appreciation to DC for mentioning the darkside, I know present to you the "Hawt female bloggers" list, in no particular order, straight from the classified section of the darkside archives.

1. Bohemian Gypsy

Gypsy sort of came out of nowhere, but wow can the girl write! Who doesn't like a girl with a vivid imagination, and if we gave marks for "mysterious aura" (yes ladies, it works both ways!), the Gypsy takes top prize!

2. Sabby

This leggy blogger (5 foot 7 inches?! Dang...) is beyond cute. Whether she's writing posts to herself, writing to the world in general or ranting about men, her random *looks guilty*, *grins*, *acts cute* and other statements are enough to bring a smile on anyone's face.

3. Scrumpy

With a name like "Scrumpulicious", how could you NOT make this list? Besides that though, she has a style of writing that gives the reader a sense of easy familiarity, and the darkside absolutely loves it!

4. Deecee

Quirky. Creative. French Maid Dress. 'Nuff said.

5. T

She's "So Snazzy", witty, and she loves INCUBUS!! Are you KIDDING me??

I chose not to give ratings because, well, I didn't want to start a virtual catfight (as tempting as that may sound). So to all the ladies mentioned here, the darkside salutes you.




DeeCee said...

ohooo..u remeber the dress!! thank uuu

Gypsy said...


I am so flattered right now.

Thanks Gehan! :)

Ps - Everyone likes incubus! I love incubus. Brandon Boyd is genius. And very very hot.

Jack Point said...

Well said.

Disease said...

Nice One mate I also like the acceptance speech.. now that's one for the records =D


Sabby said...

Awww, thank you hunnay!
I am terribly flattered *blushes* =P

T said...

lol thanks.

btw, i listen to your clip of fuel a ridiculous number of times a day. i think its time to do another song..?

also gypsy, please go find your own shirtless rock god. i called dibs on boyd years ago!

DeeCee said...

nooooo i've loved brandon from the day i was 14!

hijinx said...

Allo!! OMG :O what is with u ppl dissing me??!! *stalks off

hijinx said...

errr.. for those ppl who actually ran for the exits, I'm not planning on blowing anything up :P

Jerry said...

HEY! i like incubus too!

Don't I get on your list? :P

Jerry said...

I also like Alter Bridge. Ha! Match THAT, T!

I'd make an AWESOME er... single lady. If I were a girl. I mean.

T said...

but i have er.. breasts and such. can you match that jerry? :)

Gehan said...

deecee: ur more than welcome :)

gypsy: haha oh cmon, surely this is not the first time random semi-anonymous bloggers have complimented u :D and i wish more women shared ur taste in music...

jack point: thank you

disease: lol really? thanks!

sabby: lol..! i aim to please ;)

T: ur more than welcome, and wow, im SO flattered u like it that much! as for another song, well, stay tuned.. ;)

deecee: ladies, ladies..

hijinx: ah. phew.. relief.. [stops dialing 911]

jerry: there are no words to express how disturbing it is that u want to be on my list.. :P

T: pls dnt encourage him...!

Scrumpulicious said...

I'm flattered - thank you very much Gehan! :)

Bless your heart!

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