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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Music And Lyrics

Growing up in Sri Lanka, it was only hip-hop music. We had a friend who used to listen to Metallica and Nirvana back in the early 90's, and we used to label him a freak (he is now the lead singer of one of our leading metal bands, but anyway). After heading to India though I was introduced to modern rock, right about the time mainstream rock was undergoing a revival of sorts. Over the last few years I may have sort of lost touch with the hip hop scene, but I am rapidly making amends.

Recently I discovered this song by Sage Francis, which is beautiful in its lyrical content, but is made even better by this video I found for it on Youtube.

Another song which I stumbled upon is "Dreamin' " by Young Jeezy featuring Keyshia Cole. It's an old song, but certain parts of it stood out for me.

Moms smokin rocks same shit im sellin
So who's wrong her or me
She addicted to tha high im addicted to tha cash
Almost put my hands on here when i caught her in my stash
How could i do her like dat lord knows im wrong
Why would i do her like dat lord know she strong
I kno its been hard but we made it baby
10 years clean so she still my lady i must be dreamin


There's two types of niggas : predator and prey
I'm a predator, I pray three times a day
Mat Lue once said one day you'll have kids
And how you gon' explain all that shit you did?
I'm a soul survivor, far from a crook
She always said I was a lot smarter than I look
So I took my dreams and I made it some thousands
Then I took my life and I made it an album, I must be dreamin'

I've often said I'm no poet, neither do I 'get it' half the time, but I definitely appreciate the lyrical genius one can find in song. These two are by no means the best examples of that, but it was something I felt like sharing.

One more courtesy Talib Kweli - "Around my way":

This is for my soldier niggaz looking in the mirror who
Sitting home scratching off serials eating cereal
The way we find a way to survive, shit is a miracle
We got mice in the crib and roaches in the toasters, rice in the fridge
Bread in the oven by the roaster
We be takin' gypsy cabs and chasin' 50 bags
They be laced with shitty swag and it really get me mad
The way we saluting flags, wrapping them around our heads
when niggaz ain't become American till 9/11
Feeling like you gotta sneak into heaven
When the reverend looking like a pimp and the pimp look like the reverend

And rounding it off with the late great 2Pac - Better Dayz:

I got a girl and I love her but she broke too and so am I

I can't take her to the place she wanna go to

So we argue and play fight all day and night

Making passionate love 'til the daylight

'Cos we about to be evicted, can't pay the rent

Guess it's time to see who really is your friend

Tell me you're pregnant and I'm amazed

So many blessings while we stressin', lookin' for them better days

What about you? Feel free to send it in.




Sabby said...

I laike the Sage Francis one.
It be naice! =)

Baby Z said...

Nice effort G, but this shit's played out, T.I., Mary J. Blige, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Ludacris, 50 Cent (among many others) are what folks are bumping to now. Lanta (my husband) is also pretty good as I mentioned before he's got that cute combination American-Spanish-Sri Lankan accent going on and he sounds something like Sean Paul. Anyway, one of my favs is "Alphabetical Slaughter" by Papoose:

Aiyo it's DJ KaySlay the Drama King
And for those of y'all that don't know
I'm workin with a new artist, he goes by the name of Papoose
And for those of y'all that didn't finish school
Check this out, it's all good
I'ma run y'all through this little, Thug-A-Cation right now
And what we gon do, is we gon scream out the letters in the alphabet
And every letter you hear screamed out, from A to Z
My man Papoose gon break it down for you
So what you do, is get your pens, your pads, and take notes
Yo Papoose, let's go!

(A!) Alert, assassins at large allegedly
Automatic artillery, angrily aimed and aggressively
Accurate AK's angled all ways
Adversary afraid as active ammunition abraise
Accumulated an alias after arrested
Accompanied armed accessory, as an adolescent
(B!) Bridge Benz brolic burner bringing brothers
Betrayer's bodies briefly be body banged bleeding brothers
Blades blasting brave bashing Brooklyn bullet busters
Big biscuits barrels blazing be hating bitch boasts and bluffers
Borough barricaders beat bringers brutally blast
Bringin blood baths (C!) cover cowards corners collecting cash
Confirmed convicts committing crimes clapping cats
Creeping cashiers causing characters comas, capping crabs
Chaos causing, clearly commanding Cee-Lo
Cocaine capsule caps colored, capturing customer's C-Notes
Confiscating combination, counting cream capulating
Cocking calibur chromes creating casualties compensating
(D!) Domination devoted dealer devastating
Determination demonstrating, devine dedication
Debating drug deals, demanding dough distributed
Definitely dividing double-digit dollar dividends
Drama declaring demolishing domain dozer
Directing dumb-dumbs doing dummies dirty disarming Dojos
(E!) Estimating earnings enlarged and economically
Equally educating each exercising equality
Eliminating, expiring enemies eradicating
Erasing evidence every element evacuating
(F!) Fake fraud faggots fronting for fame fleeing from flames
Firing full-fledged four-fours forcing flesh from frames
Fortune fanatic, follow formats for funds faithfully
Fuck five felonies, furiously fighting for freedom fatally
Frigidy, frantic fighting FEDS feeling fearful
Finacially fortunate, flipping figures from fifty-fifty
(G!) Gambles gathering grants, grabbing gauges, gangsta ganks geeks
Getting green, Guess garments gleaming, greatly gaining G's
Ghetto genius, genuine gestures gracefully guide
Government generals gradually generating genocide
(H!) Head hoodlum, hitting heads heavenly, hypnotizing
Hire hitmen harnessly, holding heaters, hospitalizing
High holding hammers hectically hitting herbs, homiciding
Helicopter hijacking holding hostages, horrifying
(I!) Intellectually infinite imperial idol infamous
Inhale the Izm, injecting intelligence in ignorance
(J!) Jungle jump juggler, jaw-jabbing jeopardizer
Jacking jewelry jingles, jackknife jigging jittery jivers
(K!) Konnivers, knowledge key, keep a king, keep a kingdom
KKK killing, keenly keeping kosher
(L!) Living legitimate, legal license, Lex' lasting longevity
Luxury life, language lacing lyrical legacy
Lighting L's, loudly lounging living large like Luther
Loading long Lugers lethally lullabying losers
(M!) Maneuvers, made miraculously, microphone majesty
Music messiah mastered money making mathematically
(N!) Naturally negative, Notorious, Naughty Nature
Nasty New York nigga narcotic negotiator
(O!) Observator, oppression obstructing originator
Organized official officer oxen operator
(P!) Plot participator, plan powder pushing premeditated
Po-Po partners patrolin preventing payment
Prosecuting penny pinchers, prison penalty permanent placement
Packing powerful pistols punk plea and player's playing pavement
(Q!) Quote – "Queen's qualifyed quantity quality"
(R!) Rulers rule righteously rightfully royal rapology
Real revolutionaries rather regulate rivalry
Rampantly raising raiders rampagin relentless rivalry
(S!) Semi-sub, snub slugs sniping sharp shooter
Smacking soldiers silly severely shanking stupid (T!) troopers
Terrorizing, terrible thorough thug terrifying
Toting two tecs, taking territories thoroughly thriving
(U!) Unifying ultimately uplifting uncivilized
Unique understanding universally utilized
(V!) Visualize vocab victoriously vocalized
Versatile vice-versa verbals viciously victimize
(W!) Wise willy witty wisdom waging wars wisely
(X!) X-Con (Y!) yapping y'all yearningly (Z!) zig-zag Z!

[DJ KaySlay]
Hold on hold on
My nigga Papoose just took y'all, through the whole alphabet
A to Z, now we bout to flip it backwards, Z to A
Yo Papoose, get at these niggaz man, let's go!

(Z!) Zig-zag zigs involved weighing Zambian Zaires
Zodiac zone and Zulu's, Zion's zap a zillion zillionaires
(Y!) Yo you yeah, yesterday's youth yearning your yen
You yellow-bellied Yankee ying-yang yelling "yes"-men
(X!) X-rated, ex-African, X-Man
Ex-leaders, ex-Clarence, X-Malcolm, X-Clan
(W!) We want war, World War, world-wide warning
Walking with weapons we wacking walkie-talkie wearing wardens
We with whatever, want what whyling wherever war went
Warlock, warpath, warfare, warriors and Warren's – wait, what, why?

[DJ KaySlay]
Hold up hold up, yo I'm just playing
Yo chill, yo chill chill chill man, chill man
We gon save that for your album, Thug-A-Cation
Papoose, coming soon
A&R's, holla at me now, or suffer later

PseudoRandom said...

I sooo get what you mean about the whole hip-hop scene in SL! Everyone wanna be gangsta no :P Actually more like they wanna be in a gangsta boyband. Kinda Backstreet Boys meets G-Unit. And then you get the 'cool kids' who listen to TNL and think that airbrushed emo is like totally awesome man :P And then I came over here and discovered indie....aaaah :-)

Favourite hip-hop-esque lyrics are actually from Lupe Fiasco's Kick, Push. Dunno why...the words just make me smile. Favourite indie lyrics are from Moving to New York by The Wombats. Sort of a blogger's anthem, methinks! As for rock, possibly every song by Matchbox Twenty? :-)

DeeCee said...

Hail Indie! :D

Jerry said...

So Young Jeezy is actually Pretty Old Jeezy?

Gehan said...

sabby: hey, im glad u liked it! :)

baby z: i did say that the song was old, didnt i? we're not completely outta da loop over here... did u really think i havent heard o T.I., Mary J. Blige, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Ludacris, 50 Cent?! n btw, 50 cent is sooo played out... :D

pseudorandom: haha my sentiments exactly! and hey i love that song by lupe fiasco! very cool, makes me smile too.. and wow, matchbox 20 were jus amazing huh? :)

deecee: lol..!

jerry: apparently machan there is this new 'shit' called "50 cent coin" machan.. must have a listen, no? maara schtuff...

Anonymous said...

Your friend wouldn't happen to be Mirshad, would he? =P

Considered Metal fans freaks eh? Tsk tsk you sad sad little creature. You've missed out on much... *shakes head*

Gehan said...

MoM: lol was i not discreet enough?! :D

and as for missing out on much.. well, i dnt think so.. music is a massive part o my life, and i think as long as what im listenin to speaks to me, then its cool.. i def dnt like metal, but i think 50% of that dislike is because of the hype it seems to have nowadays among wannabes..

and now im rambling.. welcome to da darkside btw :) the grass is green and the girls are pretty.. ;)

Anonymous said...


Apparently not... =P

Ah, I see your loathing for Metal is similar to my aversion for Hip Hop...
I don't like Hip Hop 'cause the artist seems to only sing about their bling, how many girls they're ******* and who they'd like to kill. But I appreciate old school rap and hip hop... the songs about real issues...
Although... turntabling doesn't appeal to me much. So no... Hip hop isn't my thing.

Likewise, you should realise that not all metal is Black Metal or Death Metal. Not all Metal is antichrist, devil worshipping music. There are metal songs out there that are about world issues and are brilliant in content.
I could suggest a few songs if you're open minded enough to give them a listen... =)

"Welcome to the Darkside?" =P
With the template being an exception your blog is far from dark! In fact if I get to drawing that cartoon for Dee it'll probably be about this blog being anything but dark! =D

Gehan said...

MoM: lol i agree with ur reasons for not likin hip hop, and that turns me off as well..

and yes, i also kno that not all metal is devil worshipping crap, but even that aside, im just too musically inclined to appreciate a vocalist that sounds like my toilet when its clogged... must be those damned piano classes i took as a kid :D which is why i love shinedown, a nice loud band with a BRILLIANT vocalist..

as for the darkside.. arrgh.. im gettin tired o explaining that.. im gnna write a post abt what it really means :P

Disease said...

Gihan sorry about the wrong reference in my blog during the Oscar award ceremony I was messed up with the blogs at that moment and made a wrong reference with the post regarding "Smoking". My Bad.. and sorry if I created a wrong a impression about you in the blog community

Really Sorry about that but the Award still stands and your post on
"Domestic Disturbance" justified my choice of you being an inspiration to everyone who really doesn't know what marriage is all about and takes it lightly and as a joke..

Cheers Mate and You are an Oscar Winner =D


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