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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Open Goodbye

Dear Sunshine,

I know how much you detest these open shows of affection, but perhaps you can forgive me this one last time. I don't really know where to start. How do I begin to express the feelings I'm going through right now, without sounding unbelievably corny? And I know how much you pretended to hate my corny lines. Oh, how you embarrassed me with them! But I knew that inside your devil-may-care exterior was one of the biggest hearts I have known.

It's barely been 24 hours since you said goodbye, and already things seem different. It's unbelievable what an impact you have had on my life, and now that you are gone I see it more than ever. Still, it was the right decision. We both knew this would end - you always were a level-headed girl, and we both knew that long distance relationships just don't work. Yet, we tried. It was too difficult to let go of what we had, especially since it was for such a short time.

I don't think either of us can even begin to imagine how magical this could have been. The possibilities, had we met at another time and place - it just rips my mind. But all we have is here, and now, and that's why this is goodbye.
Of all the things I have had to let go in life, this is by far one of the hardest.

I look back at our postcard-type memories and I struggle to convince myself it was all real. In a time of continuous struggle and heartbreak, you were the one sole ray of joy that invaded the darkness of my life.
I know you have always felt like you were in the shadows of my previous relationships, especially considering how long and serious they were. You and I had just a few months together, precious few months. But one thing is for sure - while I have always held regrets over certain actions in my past relationships, the memory of ours will forever be untainted.

I miss you already. Heck, I missed you 5 seconds after you said it was over.

You will still be my closest ally - a true member of the Darkside! I know that you will always be there for me when I need you, and I promise to do the same for you with all my strength. Thank you for making me a better man; what more can I ask for in a girl?

I had picked this song to sing before this happened, but now it seems eerily appropriate. I hope you find the time to listen to it.

Till we meet again,

Yours, always,


Click here to download the audio.


PseudoRandom said...

:-( :-( :-( *hug*

The song's beautiful as always, but more haunting after reading what you wrote.

Disease said...

She should be Proud for having someone like you in her life Mate
Great Song 2

Don't Worry.. Love is a funny feeling that always finds a way back to a person's heart

I am sure you will find it again too =)


Makuluwo said...

Wow.. lucky, that girl. :)

Scrumpulicious said...


Charm Bracelet said...

Beautiful G. Keep the faith, love is never lost.

Gehan said...

wow.. thanks a lot everyone.. forgive the emo post, but for some reason i wanted to express what i was feeling for a change.. ah well.. :)

krazykyd said...

dooood... now thts like the one side of u i tght i'd nvr get to see ;)...

hw abt a signature name for this rendition of urs.... :D

so d man frm darkside and sunshine eh?!, so it is true wat dey say abt opposites...:)

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