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Sunday, December 21, 2008

So This Is Christmas.. (Like You Didn't Already Know)

Apparently I have been tagged again by our very own mistress of spices.

Yes indeedy, it is the Christmas season alright! And though I was saving the retrospective post for New Year's eve, let's have a look at the past year for the darkside.

In 2008, I -

  • was in the prime of my life, and never wasted an opportunity to remind someone of the fact
  • failed many times at things that I should have succeeded at
  • went for my first job interview
  • went for many, MANY job interviews after that
  • was asked to run a floral shop
  • started writing this blog
  • fell in love
  • went to Scandinavia for the first time!
  • went to Maldives for the first time (and decided it was going to be my honeymoon destination - if it's still above water then)
  • learned from my mistakes
  • met many old friends, some whom I hadn't seen in 7 years!
  • finally accepted the fact that I'm not doing my Masters for a long, long time
  • watched old wounds reopen
  • realized the importance of respect - earning it and giving it
  • got a 6 pack (finally!) - and I ain't talking about beer..
  • closed a chapter of my life

All in all, it has been an interesting year, if not the most successful. I had made many plans for the year, however in the end I didn't carry out a single one of them.I'm not that upset about it though; God works in mysterious ways, and I honestly believe that everything I went through this year happened for a purpose. I think about everything I would have missed had this year gone according to my plan, and I can only smile to myself, look to the heavens and say "Thank You...!"

I'm not quite sure who to tag, seeing as everyone I know has already been tagged. Aha! There you go: Pseudorandom, Scrumpy, Toby - I doth tag thee!




alicia said...

oye you've got a 6 pack?! and u didnt tell me?! when did this happen?! and why didnt you show me?! hello?!

Jerry said...

Yeah, why didn't you show us you selfish bastard?


Gehan said...

alicia: hehe yes i do.. now take deep breaths and calm down.. u need a boyfriend!

Jerry: read above comment. :D

alicia said...

no thank you very much

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