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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Birthday, My g-Pod, My... Singing?!

And so it is finally Christmas Eve! I was planning on writing a few posts before this, but with all the hustle and bustle of last minute Christmas shopping, I completely forgot.

So this is just a quick one, to recap the last few days.

First of all, it was my birthday yesterday. Don't worry, I know you all remembered but were unable to convey your wishes due to a host of seemingly important yet highly suspicious excuses. No matter, I have now moved past the age where the thrill of getting presents keeps me awake the night before. I suppose the endless barrage of socks and 'useful presents' had something to do with that.

But then I got THIS!

So I really shouldn't complain. I love it! I love it so much that I dubbed it the 'g-Pod'; I spent almost all day fiddling with it, setting up iTunes, sorting my 11GB of music and just generally being thoroughly satisfied. Who said men are complicated?!

All in all, it was a muted birthday, which is expected considering I know no one here. Due to the convenient timing of my birthday, I have never had to bring cake to school or any other such birthday tradition. When I was in college, I never got to celebrate my birthday with them as we were always on vacation during that time. However, there was one semester when our exams were postponed and so I was in India for my birthday. It was my first semester, and I didn't know my friends that well. Imagine my surprise when, while hanging out at a friend's house, a couple of the girls came from the kitchen with a cupcake and a solitary candle, and started singing happy birthday. Someone has a picture of me holding my pint-sized birthday cake in my hand with a very confused look on my face; I'd have put it up if I had it. It is one of my favourite birthday memories, not because of anything spectacular that happened, but for the simple reason that I was remembered when I thought I wouldn't be.

But I'm rambling. It's almost Christmas! I wish you all the very best of the season, and here's hoping that no matter what presents we get tomorrow, we manage to spread the real gifts of this season - Peace, Joy and Love.

(I really must stop!)

In closing, here's my terribly amateurish rendition of "Away in a manger". Forgive the terrible video quality, my camera is slowly but surely decaying. As for the singing, well, that unfortunately is solely my fault.


Click here if you want to download the song instead.


DeeCee said...

Are you freaking crazy?! You have such a good voice! You rock! and your g-pod (the nam...lol) does too :D more more!

DeeCee said...

i want to learn the piano :( i have one but hardly play :(

DeeCee said...

u rockkk!!

DeeCee said...

raaahh! I'm in loooooooveeee

Spice said...

You singing is goood!! One can easily fall in love with that voice ;)

Nice post :)

FINroD said...

hahaha check it out.. the g man's already got a bunch of groupies lined up :P lol hehehe... but in all honesty.. i do hav to agree mate.. nice voice... u shud do up some more songs...

Jerry said...

Woe is he who browses on gprs and cannot view videos.

Alter Bridge FTW!

Naal said...

okay okay...i admit it...m jealous!! not about the voice silly but about the pod....i have a really sorry ipod nano 4gb one....and iam jealous

P.S. Ur supposed to reply to birthday wishes..its just a societal norm...nuthin u HAFTA follow....bt a "thank you" would have been nice!!!

Naal said...

At ur behest :

Iam sorry for making you look like an ass. U did reply to my wishes. Except that it wasnt in the same medium of communication! I sincerely apologise!


That okay?

alicia said...

"As for the singing, well, that unfortunately is solely my fault."
haha, nice way to get everyone to deny that.. useless bugga..

and congrats =) i lose mine and u get a saaxy looking player!

dinasha said...

lol.. should've known u wouldn't put something up that was really awful... Hence I betake myself and my quest to watch someone hopelessly embarrass themselves elsewhere =/

Happy belated b'day too :)Ooooh! Pretty g-pod! :P I finally know what to tell my friends to start saving up for until my b'day :P poor souls.

Gehan said...

deecee, deecee, deecee & deecee: ok, seriously, WOW! :D tat was not da reaction i was expecting! i had to recheck the vid to see if uploaded the right thing :D thank u VERY much...

spice: thank u! unfortunately for me, if i strike out with the singing i got nothin left to use....... :D

finrod: groupies?? i doubt DC & spice would like tat label.. hehe.. thanks, n ill see wat i can do..

jerry: blessed am i tat i have escaped the scathing sarcasm of jerry this one time.. and FINALLY someone who knows alter bridge! :D

naal: haha yes, apology accepted! :)

alicia: honestly, im not TAT cheap... it obviously didnt work on u tho, rite? :P

dinasha: so all this time u been waiting for me to trip up huh? HA! and yes, u have good taste.. in presents i mean.. the nano is gorgeous!

anusia said...

awh... like the song..we sung it too!! and the piano too.. now what was that abt ur voice?? eh?? jk. good stuff :)

dinasha said...

LOL nooooo... I protest! Innocent of such heinousness, I am! Can't remember if heinousness is even a real word...

But I was so not waiting 4 u to trip up - just prepared to gloat if u did :P just kidding, obviously.. :D

And as for having good taste in presents - hmph! I have good taste in lotsa things :P

alicia said...

:) oh cmon, i am an original fan of your singing..

shilpa said...

i cried!!!!no joke!!! interpret it how u want!!!!!thts all u get!!!

Sabby said...

Oh. My. GOD!

How did I miss the video?! How did I miss you singing??! =O

I had to like let the video load for an hour coz I am on stupid dial up but it was so worth it!

You have a beautiful voice! That was amazing...!

And also...you got incredibly sexy fingers =P *smiles like an angel*

PseudoRandom said...

Ooooh the boy has talent! And clean fingernails too! Can I join your fan club? :D

Gehan said...

lol sure pseudorandom, jump on the rather tiny bandwagon :D seriously tho, how could u possibly see my fingernails in tat tiny video?! u women i tell u..

welcome back btw :)

PseudoRandom said...

No fool...your fingernails are visible in the photo :P

Thanks...it's good to be back...although it's taking me ages to go through all the blogs I follow - you lot have been so prolific in my absence!

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