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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scandinavian Road Trip: Day 1

Have you ever been in the situation where one of your friends, by pure chance, comes across either some minor celebrity or performs some rather unique feat, and then proceeds to tell then entire world about it? (“Dude, I’m standing with a supermodel! Who? Well, she’s Miss Afghanistan. 1996. Well, she was 2nd runner up. Screw you dude!”)

So it should come as no surprise if I say that I’m writing this blog entry at 38,000 feet. Yes, Darkside Daily is going global, baby; we’re on day 1 of our Scandinavian road trip.

Before you start conjuring up images of a group of sex-crazed 20-somethings on an alcohol and testosterone fuelled mission to have the time of their lives, let me just say that the person next to me is my mild-mannered, not-so-adventurous 16 year old brother. Hardly the sort of companion you’d expect on a road trip, but change the label to “family trip” and suddenly everything makes sense.

We will be taking a small tour of Sweden lasting roughly 11 days, counting the days taken for travelling. Our itinerary, or as much as I could figure out so far, is to fly to Frankfurt from Colombo, then catch a connecting flight to Copenhagen, where we take a train to enter Sweden. There a taxi is supposed to meet us and take us to the town of Ljungby, where my father’s business meeting is to be held.

It’s been a good eight hours into our flight to Frankfurt already, and I’m exhausted. Still, better to be exhausted and pampered in business class than to be exhausted and suffocated in economy, so I really shouldn’t complain. Business class; what a privilege! From the no-hassle check-in to the luxurious lounge with its assortment of free food (convincing my brother that this wasn’t an elaborate prank was just too hilarious: “We can eat anything?! As much as we want?! For FREE?!”) and the large electronically adjustable seats in the plane. Plus you actually get a menu to choose your meals, how cool is that? And though this is not a proven fact, and I’m sure all major airlines will publicly deny this, the air hostess’ in business class are a whole lot prettier than the others!

Which brings me to my point to ponder for the day; just how exclusive is business class anyway? Sure, the passengers that pay extra should get extra benefits, but isn’t there a small invisible line that shouldn’t be crossed? Take my air hostess beauty quotient for example; business class = 7.5/10, economy = 4.5/10. As for the choice of food, surely airlines can at least make an attempt at creativity by offering something a little beyond veg or non-veg. It’s bad enough you have to eat that rubbish; at least you should have some say in the poison they use, though I suppose the end result is a pointless as a condemned man choosing which blade to be beheaded with. Last but not least, what is with the curtain? Is it not enough that the 18 people of business class are separated from the rest of the passengers in every way, be it comfort levels, service and obviously affluence, that we have to then ‘curtain’ them off as well? I especially love the way they close the curtain with that little swift tug as if to say “Oh my goodness! Don’t peak! You are not worthy!”

In my opinion, this little curtain before the holy of holies should be done away with. Not for any reason of fair play and what not; I just feel that if economy passengers got more of a glimpse into the world of business class passengers, surely it would motivate them to at least consider travelling that way on their next trip! Can you imagine what an economy class passenger would do if just when he was about to dig into his ‘Non-veg surprise’, some ridiculously good looking air hostess sets down a plate of veal dipped in an exotic sauce, garnished and oozing fat and succulence just 5 rows in front of him?

He’d ask for a raise, that’s for sure.

1 comment:

Sabby said...

Tsk tsk.
4.5 and 7.5??
And THAT's how psychology works, y'see...just coz you are paying MORE, you assume you are getting a better deal...including prettier air hostesses.

Pssst. They all look the same =P

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