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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Year Bites The Dust

As is often the case, the month of December has gone screaming by in a blur of lights, singing and panic shopping. Even though Christmas is now over, the new year is hurtling towards us at a frightening pace, and once again we are pressed into making arrangements for our new year's bash, buying firecrackers and hurriedly indulging in our secrets sins which we tell ourselves will magically disappear from our lives come January 1st.

The new year resolution has over time become synonymous with failure, as year after year we promise to diet, stop stealing the stationary at work, start working out, give up smoking, stop swearing, stop shoplifting, stop swearing while shoplifting, stop getting caught for shoplifting - the usual. I like this quote by Kenny "The Jet" Smith from one of his articles - 'How many times have you said, 'This year is going to be different! This is the year I stop drinking, cursing and smoking." Then before you know it, you’re muttering, “Damn, I left my cigarettes in the bar."'

I've decided against making a new year's resolution. Well, not exactly - I figure if everyone is going to try make some form of dramatic change in their lives, I might as well resolve to be better. Yes, be better. I think that pretty much sums up everyone's resolutions anyway.

While most of us are looking back at the year 2008 and reminiscing the peaks and pitfalls it brought us, few choose to look forward with the same enthusiasm. Too often the ghosts of the previous years follow us into the new one, and pretty soon the new year is an all too familiar reflection of the old year. How boring.

The Whackster wrote an interesting post about how we're all just living in pockets of time. Or something. Whatever the case may be, we could all use an opportunity to make a brand new start. While I'm sure the majority of the blogosphere will have no issues with wanting to start over, seeing as almost everyone is miserable and depressed out there, the remaining few who aren't on the verge of suicide can still use the occassion to turn over a new leaf because let's face it - no one's life is without room for improvement.

As for me, 2008 has some very fond memories. Rarely have I had a year that had such good memories that the bad ones seemed to fade into insignificance, and for that I am grateful.

Here's hoping 2009 turns into a great year for all of you.

And let's keep spreading the darkness >:D




Gypsy said...

There are so many lines of this post that I can relate to my life. Weird. I'm looking forward to the new year with a lot of enthusiasm, eager to leave this one behind, as amazing and terrible as it has been. Glad you had such a great 2008. Not many people can say what you just said about the year. Hope the next is as good if not better :) Cheers!

Jerry said...

Happy New Year mate!

"Too often the ghosts of the previous years follow us into the new one, and pretty soon the new year is an all too familiar reflection of the old year. How boring."

'Who ya gonna call?'


Spice said...

arey yar,you no longer have the right to call urself dark anymore you mushymushytwoshoes! :P
Happy New Year. and good luck on the job hunt for 2009 yar

myprerogative said...

Aahhh!! yes... the good ol this years different jazz....

Happy new Year dude!

Roman said...

I agree with a lot of what you have to say and I appreciate your blog.
But Geez, what's up with the darkness thingy? I thought you were all about spreading the light.
I do hope 2009 will be the year you shine brighter than ever before! :-)
Subha aluth auruddhak weva!

alicia said...

so you've kept your word :) the new layout looks great, sober, i like .. happy new year gee, glad you have your moments to be thankful for.. so do I actually, despite this year being with more trials than ever before. cheers to 2009!

Jerry said...

Drop me a message on gerald.cpereira at gmail.

WHY don't you have your addy listed on your profile?!

pissu perera said...

ah, this layout is much better than the previous one, which was very busy and distracting. good luck in the new year

Gehan said...

gypsy: hehe so when u say 'weird', u mean u find it weird tat u relate to what im writing? dont worry, i get that a lot :D cheers to u as well, have a great year!

jerry: lol old school humour, jerry got it all...! :P

spice: oi! get lost! :P and thank u.. yaar.. :P

myprerogative: thanks, and same to u!

roman: hehe ur sinhala continues to amaze.. happy new year bro, lemme kno if u comin down anytime.. as for the darkness, maybe i should write a post abt tat someday :)

alicia: im a man o my word ;) happy new year al...

jerry: ... cos i dnt want random bloggers mailing me when they want a tour o the hill capital ;)

pissu perera: aargh! i was hopin no one liked it so i could go back to the earlier layout :D but maybe i jus have crap taste.. happy new year to u too :)

Scrumpulicious said...

Liking the new layout my friend!

Not everyone is depressed! Maybe you're just reading the really depressing posts! :-P

Happy New year to you once again! :)

Jerry said...

Bah! I'll make you a star, boy, a STAR!


Sabby said...

Yo, G!

"..might as well resolve to be better.."


I am done. Wait. Hahahaha.

Hope you had a great new year's day, minus the resolutions and all =)

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