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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Never Again

He looks up at her.

She sits two steps above him. She looks beautiful; she always does to him. The street light casts her face in just enough shadow to hide the tears, and since he is facing her, he imagines it does the opposite for his own.

He looks down again, replaying the conversation they just had. He has heard the words before, but this was the first time he was listening to her say it. It hurt, but the truth always hurts. On top of that, he is angry at himself. He should be the one making the tough decisions, he should be the one to bear that burden, not her. Instead, she was breaking down in front of his eyes, saying what needed to be said, and he hated himself for doing that to her.

He wants to sit next to her, to comfort her, to wipe those tears away, to whisper in her ear and soothe her, but she doesn't let him. She wants to see his face, to read his expressions. He understands; at a time like this, words only get in the way.

He has only one question left, though he already knows the answer. Still, while they have always understood each other without the need for words, there are times when he insists that they are spoken.

"Do you.. do you wish we never met? I mean.. do you regret meeting me in the first place...?"

She doesn't say a word

Instead, she shakes her head with such conviction and force, they leave no room for doubt in his mind. Such conviction, they bring fresh tears to her eyes, and she buries her face in her hands and cries, her muted sobs tearing his heart to pieces.

He curses himself, and swears never to doubt her again, never to question her feelings, never to be the reason for her tears.

Never again.

* I know this post sounds rather dramatic and negative, but I assure it isn't. Just retelling an event that occurred last week while I was in India, because it meant a lot to me.


TheWhacksteR said...

u went to india last week? without even telling the blosphere? and hmmm..dont worry abt negativity man, people usualy aren't qualified to judge,

Kudos on the post. and commiserations for the heartache.

Anonymous said...

velly dlamatik.
heres to am unbroken heart.

Anonymous said...

velly dlamatik.
heres to am unbroken heart.

hijinx said...


~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

reminds me of time when it all meant somethin!

Naal said...

*slap* *slap slap*

and thats all i have to say!!

Gehan said...

lol.. by far, the most diverse range of comments on a post ive written.. :D

alrite, alrite, no more emo, jeez... :P

Anonymous said...

hey there.. i took a listen to the song. loved it. it was so appropriate, and the words really meant something.
thanks for sharing....

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