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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Have Three Questions

Question 1: Why are we waving the Buddhist flag?

I am truly ecstatic that the war that has ravaged our country for almost three decades is finally over. True, I too have my doubts about the elaborate celebrations, but I will put that down to the cynic in me. We being Sri Lankans, nothing makes us happier than a national holiday in the middle of the week, so I'm fine with that as well. His Excellency The President (who some people say should be addressed as the 'king of kings' apparently) made a decent speech, and his "there will be no more minority" bit was quite clever, especially coming from a Lankan politician.

But as I went for my evening jog, I noticed that alongside the national flag, houses and buildings were flying the multi-coloured buddhist flag, and that really disturbs me. Surely this is not a victory for the Buddhists, nor is this a victory of the Sinhalese over the Tamils. The very fact that we're putting up the Buddhist flag at a time when we're supposed to be uniting as a community just goes to show that perhaps people don't really understand what has happened this week.

Then I see a truck pass by, with the national flag pasted on the hood backwards, and my doubts are confirmed. Patriots indeed.

Question 2: Are women really this stupid?

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the box for my mom's new hair iron. Firstly because I didn't even know she had one, and secondly because of what was written on the box. Under the 'features' heading, there was a small label with "Advanced Steam Technology To Enhance Straightening", and just below that in tiny letters - "Steam is not visible".


Continue down, and the next feature states that this iron "Uses Advanced Ionic Technology To Seal In Moisture And yada yada". And just below that in tiny letters - yes, you guessed it - "Ions are not visible".

Dig deeper into the instruction manual and there's a detailed section explaining that ions cannot be seen by the naked eye, and that if you do not see anything being emitted from the hair iron, you can rest assured that these magical invisible particles are doing their job and making your hair oh so "lustrous".

The next time I meet a girl with unnaturally straight hair, I'll make sure I steer the conversation away from science, since it's obvious that only girls that fail chemistry use hair irons. I suppose it's safe to assume that our fellow blogger Pseudorandom probably has a head full of healthy curls then.

Question 3: Where do these people come from?

And by 'these people' I mean the sparkling minds that make up my weekend HR class. As I think I mentioned before, when I joined these classes I was secretly hoping that I would get to meet some interesting people and, oh I don't know, 'talk' to them! However, after my male classmate walked into the women's loo, I kind of gave up on that little dream. Last weekend pretty much sealed it though. Let me explain:

Lecturer: .... and that is what we call a 'mission statement'. In a way it is the Ten Commandments of an organisation.

Students: [scribble scribble]

Lecturer: Clear?

Students: [silence]

Lecturer: You all know what the ten commandments are right?

Students: [silence]

Me: [wakes up from semi-daze]

Lecturer: No one has even heard of the ten commandments??

Students: [silence]

Me: [apologises to God for the ignorance of my classmates]

Lecturer: [slightly pissed] OH-kay then, homework for all of you, go on the internet and find out what they are and tell me.

Students: Sir? Ten Commands....?

Lecturer: Commandments. COMMANDMENTS!!


Jerry said...

Bad choice of words in "Are women really this stupid". They are. But they get offended easily. Actually, GOOD choice of words. Stick it to em, eh? :P

Also, I heard a bunch of people in a truck yelling "Dutugemunuta jayawewa, followed by Mervyn Silva ta jayawewa".

Worrying :/

DeeCee said...

ERK! why are ppl so STUPID!?

I wish they never made a buddhist flag in the first place. Having symbols is just stupid, I keep teling ppl it's a philosophy! Something which u keep to urself. sigh.! sorry u had c that :s

and 2) take that back! :P ;) i suppose they didn't want ppl suing them over not seeing ions..??

3) hee....u know SL are not expressive at all right..mayb they were shy? :S

PseudoRandom said...

1. Sigh. I complain about the BBC assuming that anti-LTTE = 'Sinhalese-Buddhist', but how can I expect them to get it right if our own people can't?! Religion and ethnicity aren't relevant here. The amalgamation of Sinhalese and Buddhist cultures has done more harm than good to our country. But that's probably best left for a separate post on my blog :P
I agree with Dee's sentiment that a 'flag' is unnecessary. I can't remember why it was made in the first place, but even if it had a purpose then, it doesn't have one now.
As for the whole Dutugemunu reference that Berry alluded to, I remember people likening MR to Dutugemunu because they're both from the South. And didn't that buffoon Mervyn liken himself to Dutugemunu recently? The people in the truck were probably his cronies. Sigh.

2. Hahahahahaha where is this iron from? And why were you checking out a hair iron? :D Actually I don't have an iron but I do have curling tongs, and they don't have such statements in the manual :-|

3. LOL so not only are they ignorant but they're deaf too? You found yourself some awesome classmates dude :D Why didn't you do the whole "Sir Sir I know!" and wow them with your superior knowledge? :D

Anonymous said...

3) or maaaaybe they'd never heard about the 10 commandments? :S

and agree with dee about the buddhist flag, never should've been made... GAH!

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Man your going to have a whole load of woman coming to defend the the 2nd point you made!! gooood luck mate!!!

Ppl dont know 10 commandments!?!?!

Voice in Colombo said...

Q1: May be you've forgot the fact that Vesak was just one week back, and peole forgot to remove the Bhudist flag on time. Or may be they are keeping it there till Poson.

I honestly didn't see any of the celebration convoys with the Bhudist flag on; and if someone did that, it would have done in pure ignorance. As someone mentioned somewhere; the people who party all around the streets, celebrating death of Prabha are not MBA's or PHD's. They are from the lowest of social layers in Sri Lanka, and we cannot expect for them to act rational as you expect.

Q2 & Q3: Hmmmm.... Those are mysteries for me too!

Makuluwo said...

1. Sickening.

2. HEY -I- FAILED CHEMISTRY! And the only iron I've ever meddled with is the clothes one. >.>

3. LOL! You should mess with their lack of knowledge.
'Guyyys, the Ten Commandments are actually what the ten largest sumo wrestlers in the world are called.. the first guy's name is Mitsui Harishingu.. write this down, man..'

Gehan said...

jerry: yes im VERY careful with my words, unlike u :P

DC: haha yea they ARE shy but this time they REALLY didnt kno wat he was talkin abt..!

PR: its obvious that u have an inferior.. errr.. tong.. :P and pls, i do the "sir sir!" routine only for da first 15mins n then i get bored :D

anon: thats my point.. how can anyone not have heard of them? its like not knowing wat the quran is..!

lost soul: yes, and apparently a majority of my readership is women.. might not have been a smart move on my part :D

VIC: you make some very good points there actually.. true, i spose some of the banners on the roads may have been leftovers from vesak, but there DEF were some households that put up the buddhist flag ONLY on that day...

mak: :D next time, next time...

Naal said...

You know gee, sometimes it just completely baffles me that you wouldnt understand why women are so stupid when it comes to their looks....It has everything to do with the way men pretty much only give precedence to how a women looks..iam really not surprised that we dont really give a shit how a hair iron works; as long as it does its job....and i know iam stoking the fire here....but aint it true????

and really???? People actually dont know the 10 commandments...Thaaats surprising!!!...well actually, not really!!! Ignorance IS bliss!!!

alicia said...

2) Is your mom's hair iron a Panasonic? I think I had the same thing before.. is it purple in colour? :D Ok, I'll stop...But I remember wondering back then , whats the proof that its ion magic?! ..In effect, its just plain ol heat emitting from a ceramic surface..
Well if your mom has the same thing I had, tell her they lied on the box, liars! It doesn't work..

3) Thou shall entertain me with thy funny anecdotes.

Disease said...

Number 1 :- Agreed 100 percent

Number 2 :- It's not stupidity man it's just ignorance I think =)

Number 3 :- LOL!!

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