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Monday, March 29, 2010

Fast Car - Tracy Chapman and.. Kings of Leon?

I haven't put up a proper cover since before the great viral infection of 12/09 (yes, that's what it's called!). The main reason for this has been the death of my trusty Sony Cybershot, which I shot my original videos with. My new camera, despite being better at taking pictures, is sadly a little lacking in the video department, at least where sound is concerned.

Which prompted me to dig into our music room, and actually put together a microphone and mixer to record.

It was a fun project, even if the song is not my best. The Bro and I had a lot of fun setting it up and messing with all sorts of different arrangements and settings.

The result is a better sounding video, and an interesting mix between Tracy Chapman and a not-so-popular Kings of Leon song.

So without much further ado, here is "Fast Car". The original is here, and the Kings of Leon song is here. As always, you can download the audio from here and see the Youtube video here.


Enjoy (here)!




T said...

I absolutely love this. Your voice sounds fantastic. Your best yet i would say :)

alicia said...


Seesaw said...

Loved this! Was listening to 'fast car' (one of my all time favs) with a smile on my face, and the Kings of Leon bit made it bittersweet. And your voice is pretty awesome :-)

Hussain said...

Bloody amazing machan!! Post more music!! hope pannala is treatin u good!

Gehan said...

T: thanks T, to hear u say that means a lot.. :)

alicia: lol ditto to u :P

Seesaw: i hope it was bittersweet due to some personal memory and not because it didnt sound good! :D thank u very much, im so glad u liked it..

Hussain: haha well i would machan, but pannala is killing my 'creative time'.. good to hear from ya, n keep reading!

Seesaw said...

Bittersweet because the tracy chapman is somehow filled with hope and thus is a happyish song, whereas the KoL one is darker, making the combination bittersweet...tada! (yes I analyse my music obsessively)

Muffet said...

One of my all-time favs! Your voice is fantastic, good job! :)

Scrumps said...

Very nice...

Remember me?! :P

Gabriele Gualco said...

Would you like to see this? http://blog.gabrielegualco.eu/2010/03/fast-car-tracy-chapman.html


P.s. Nice blog layout :)

Maria Camila said...


PseudoRandom said...

Yes it's me, I finally found time to listen!

Beautiful. I've always loved Fast Car...something about the song just tugs at my heart strings. And the way you mashed that up with the Kings of Leon track was excellent.

It's good to have the headless videos back! :-)

Sabby said...

Loved this!

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