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Monday, May 11, 2009

Everything Changes

This is the part where I insert some deep musing about change and consequence, but really, don't we all know about that?

Here's what I was messing around with during my short hiatus from the blogosphere. It's a beautiful song, and I hope I do it justice. This is "Everything Changes" by Staind.


Click here to download the song instead.


N B said...

He he gehan bugger :-)
Is this your voice really? If so you should consider music as career. Seriously dude. Nice :-)

BTW, I'm back to annoy people like you :-)

PseudoRandom said...

Good to know you put your free time to good use ;-)

Very soothing, as always. And it's nice that you don't just 'sing' the song, if you know what I mean.

BTW any progress with finding a good *cough*duet*cough* track? ;-)

Jerry said...

He'll do no such thing! One headless pianist is enough! :P

Though if you DO try it, make it There for me by sarah brightman and josh groban :D

Paparé Boy said...

@Jerry -

Dude, you OK?

Naal said...

okay...i have to admit that this is the first time i heard u sing....except that one time, really long back, when you had sent an audio file, and i was made incharge of downlaoding it and stuff....:)....but i must say - You can sing!!!...cheers!

Jerry said...

Whaaat? It's a great song!

Makuluwo said...

Love eet as usual.
If you're not gonna turn this jazz into a career, atleast send secret tapes to music channels willya!
I'm sick of listening to their silly excuses for local talent. :(

Gehan said...

PR: hey, thanks! :) and yes yes, lets get back to work on that.. i been a bit busy.. :D

jerry: sarah brightman n JOSH GROBAN?! dude.. :P and hello, there will always be only ONE headless pianist.. lol.. :D

papare boy: seriously, ur asking that only now?

naal: this the FIRST time?? tsk tsk.. :P lol hey im glad u liked it.. click on the 'hear me sing' tab on the top to chk the others out and lemme kno wat u think :) im rather proud of my linkin park and snow patrol covers :)

mak: LOL secret tapes huh? something to do in my spare time.. lol.. thanks :)

Cruel to the eye said...

I love staind. But dude this was neat! awesome.

DeeCee said...

marry meh?

Gehan said...

cruel to the eye: thanks a lot! glad u liked it :)

DC: lol im sure Boy will protest :D

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