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Friday, May 15, 2009

Kitchen Chaos: Part 2

I've already chronicled the ridic conversations we tend to have during meal times, so just thought I'd throw another one in there.

/Scene: Breakfast, a few hours before Bro's O/L Biology exam/

Me: Ah wait, I remember that eye diagram so clearly! Lens, Cornea, Iris, Retina, Optic nerve.. Hey, what was that fluid in the eye called?

Bro: Errm...

Me: ....?!

Bro: Errrm.. aqueous...

Me: !!!

Mom: Aah.. err.. go read that now, ok? [nervous laughter]

Me: ...!!!!

Mom: SO..! Oh you should have seen my biology journals from college. They were just... brilliant...

Me: Uh-huh.

Mom: They should be in a MUSEUM! They were so good.

Me: Yea, Dad used to label your drawings right?

Mom: Oh I never drew anything. There was this guy.. He used to play bass..

Me [shocked]: .... Oh so you were one of those girls huh? Getting boys to do everything for you...?

Mom: He was a fantastic artist....

Me: Ah.

Mom: It's not my fault! That teacher, Lalitha! She was a demon! How much she used to shout and abuse me and tear my journals!

Me: Mmhmm..

Mom: No wonder she died of cancer....


Gotta love family!


Makuluwo said...

No wonder she died of cancer?!
LMAO. Priceless. :D

santhoshi said...


PseudoRandom said...

HAHAHAHAHA I think I've said this before, but your mother sounds awesome :-)

Charms said...

lol. who fell in the cereal after that comment?

Anonymous said...

lol... Priceless! :D never a boring meal over at yours, huh? :P

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