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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hurray for global warming!

The kids are all completely mad.

Yes, its true. Todays generation of teenagers are losing touch with sanity. Losing touch? Nay, they've completely alienated themselves from it! You'd think the world was bad enough as it is the way the 'adults' are running things (every other nation trying to blow up someone else, kill people here for oil, kill people there for land, kill people because they're black, kill people because they're white, kill people over here for trying to kill us first; well you get the idea!), but putting your faith in today's youth to carry the world through is like a 400-lb man doing situps; it'll give you a nice warm feeling for a while, but in the end its all just pointless.

Why this bleak outlook, you ask? Don't I know that today's youth are arguably more intelligent than any generation in recorded past, with higher average IQ's and better learning capacities than our parents and grandparents? Also, don't I know that today's youth have more oppurtunity, security, are in better health and have more priveleges than all generations before us? Why, they're just blessed beyond words aren't they?

Yes, that's all true, and maybe I should rephrase. Maybe they're not ALL mad, but the ones I've come across sure are!

It seems to be a trend with teenagers in Sri Lanka to have two aims in life; get out of school, and then find another aim in life. The teenagers of today have given a new meaning to the term 'secondary school'; to them, it definitely is secondary, if not tertiary or dead last in their priority list. To be fair, its not their fault; our education system is so counter-productive that its hard to find enough reason to convince your 16yr-old-hormone-crazed-always-on-edge kid not to drop out after 10th grade.

Most kids nowadays just don't care about anything anymore. The apathy is easily seen in their words and actions, and is disturbing not just in its presence but in its intensity. Engaging them in a conversation with the words 'future' and 'career' in it is like driving a car without wheels. Through mud. Backwards. Most boys turn to booze, pot and angry metal bands with names like "Serpent's Backside" or the sort, claiming to be enlightened. (Heck, the only way you could enlighten them is to set them on fire.) Sri Lanka may still be known for its smiling faces in the future, but the cause may more likely be due to some form of herb rather than our affinity to foreigners. Most girls on the other hand just mope around with some random boys and then eventually elope with a rickshaw driver and are never heard from again. I kid you not.

True, this may describe only a small percentage of today's youth in its entirety. But the trend in the recent past is disturbing; more kids are just not bothered with their life anymore. They just don't have the faintest idea why they should waste valuable time and gray matter to work out where they're going to be in 10 years. Of course, its easy for us to immediately blame the so-called 'western society' and its evil and perverted morals. But there has to be more to it than that.

Well then its a good thing that global warming is going kill us all. We can rest assured that the future of the world will be left to single-celled organisms and roaches, rather than our misguided and jaded youth. What a relief!


anusia said...

good stuff.. am in exam season now. so will be online alot :D
love commenting too. so thou shalt see comments.
i think the roaches will die too.u noe, pollution n whut not.
:D on the other hand i totally agree wit the post. had this same conversation wit my uncle a couple of years back. He was shocked we even knew what the word jaded was, cuz he was just beginning to feel it.At a ripe old age of 48. For the record, I think despite the phenomenal progress showed by the human race especially over the last 100 years- in some ways,we're getting a whole lot dumber as we go. cheers!

Alicia said...

i agree with you on some fronts , yes we are very much in a generation that seems to be cultivating crazy kids. but this is not a phenomena, its more of a consequence. there's way too much pressure than can be handled without tipping over, much more exposure at a very early age, and shit loads of possibilities and expectations. simple fun is no fun, every thing is hipped hyped so much, what else do u expect? most people shake their heads sheesh look at these kids, how they ve changed. the dont realise they're a big part of the reason.

Anonymous said...

agree with u a 100%. I see this everyday teaching a school full of spoilt rich brats - who can't write an essay cos "i don't have my laptop n i's so used to typing.", who want to listen to their mp3 player when i finish a lesson 10 minutes early n can "i please take a call to my mum on my mobile phone to tell her to bring my text book for the next class."...oh n don't forget the kids who think that they can watch the ROmeo n Juliet movie n write out their answers for their lit test. :O) well, at least life is interesting. Jetini

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