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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brotherly Love*

How time flies, huh?

The day is almost done, but before it is I must give a 'shout-out' to my little brother, who just turned 20 and is not deserving of the title 'little' any more. Knowing him though, I'm not going to share this post on Facebook - I would lose a lot of points in his book for writing something as lame as this.

Twenty years. Man. I still  love telling the story of how when I was growing up, I told my parents I wanted a brother, simply because I was tired of playing alone. When they came home from the hospital with him, I was extremely disappointed. See, my 7-year-old mind didn't understand that he had to grow before he could 'play' - I just assumed he would be my age. I think my disinterest in the new addition to the family showed; my father was not pleased.

Seven years is quite a large age gap, and growing up we didn't always get along as brothers are supposed to. 

But as with most things in my life, I have often initially felt that the timing for something was inconvenient, only to realise later that the timing was perfect after all. Watching him grow, and teaching him things the few times I've been able to, has been such a joy. I watched him achieve things I never achieved when I was in school, excelling as a friend and a student, and I feel a special sense of pride. Pride and gratitude, that my fervent prayers for him were answered. 

Through everything that has happened,especially with my family over the last 5 years, he has been a special kind of strength for me. We are so similar, and so different at the same time, which is what makes us get along so well I suppose. He mirrors my love to have fun and fool around (I have never met anyone, not one person, that makes me laugh like he does), my love for basketball and the Celtics, as well as parts of my temper, yet he is ice-cool when I am emotional, laid back when I am tense, and always a complete idiot when I am trying to make a serious point. 

So here's to you, 'boss'. I love you with all my heart, and I promise to stand for you my entire life, as I know you will for me.

*"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" was too cliche, even for me


Angel said...

Younger brothers rock!

bingo said...

when I was small I remember asking my parents to get me a brother/sister but I never got one.
Happy belated b'day to your bro!!!

Scrumps said...

This made me well up a little bit. :$

Happy birthday to your brother. :)

Gabutooch said...

Belated wishes to your bro.
(I have never met anyone, not one person, that makes me laugh like he does) - Ditto ditto ditto on this for my brother.

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