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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Melomanic Musings

It's been a very busy week, and I haven't had time to blog about the Melomanic Sessions last Saturday. If you weren't there, you definitely missed out; this was only my second time but it was so refreshing to be part of a group of such talented musicians and singers (not forgetting the very appreciative and faithful crowd). A lot of credit has to go to CC and Asela for putting on a fantastic show; the stage layout was especially excellent (though the photographers were not so enthusiastic in their praise).

Since I'm late, let me link to a better review by T. Below are the videos for my set; we did a bit of everything, and overall I think it turned out alright, if I do say so myself.

It was a special night for me, personally, performing with my brother. I always enjoy it, as you can tell from the videos when I look at him and laugh after each song. We improvised on the fly for one of the songs, changing the ending at the performance itself for some reason, but I suppose that's all part and parcel of the 'live' experience. He did a stellar job, and I'm extremely proud of him.

Of course I have to mention how great CC was; his cover of Florence and The Machine's "Cosmic Love" is still getting rave reviews all over my Twitter and Facebook feeds.

So without further ado, here are the videos from the show. Hope you like them; do leave me some comments!

Shinedown - "If You Only Knew"

Pearl Jam - "Black"

Sting - "Fields of Gold"

Switchfoot - "Vice Verses"

In closing, let me just say something about "Vice Verses". I've always believed that singing words that you actually agree with brings more meaning and power in to a performance. Despite the song not going too well during our rehearsals, I was adamant that we do it because it was the perfect song for me and the situation I was (am) in. How often have I felt lost and confused, disillusioned by what I once thought was gospel, by what I once thought was infallible truth. As I sang "Where are you in my broken heart/ everything seems to fall apart/ everything feels rusted over/ tell me that you're there", it wasn't Jon Foreman's words coming out of my mouth, it was mine. 

It was a good night, and I am so, so grateful for opportunities like these where I can just 'sing out'. 

Again, if you missed out this month, I hope to see you the next time.

Before I go, let me leave you with this:

♫ I know that there's a meaning to it all,A little resurrection every time I fall.. 


T said...

lol was it really necessary to link to every one of my tweets? CC is going to think I'm a fan or something :D

Stellar performance overall, and I know what you means about Vice Verses. I think listening to you, I had more clarity over the situation I was (am) in myself.


Kakashi0429 said...

Nice to see there is another Gehan out there doing something great.



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