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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Which Kind of Girlfriend Are You?

By now, Axe has made a name for itself by making a list of rather racy ads for their rather mediocre deodorants and other products. Yes, despite being just about ordinary, Axe continues to try to persuade you that you too can experience the 'Axe effect'.

So when I stumbled across this new set of advertisements for their shower gels, I was pretty surprised. No more are they trying to tell men that their products are essential for picking up random hot girls; nope, instead, their products are going to help you keep the girl.

So, ladies, which girlfriend are you?

And this one is my personal favourite - The Sporty Girl!



T said...

none of these make any sense to me and are actually pretty offensive :/

Gehan said...

Really? That's an interesting response! Can you tell me how it offends you?

T said...

Well to begin with, they're just selling sex, and I think that's lazy advertising. Secondly, WHAT is the connection between staying up all night partying and your shower gel? Does it make you have better stamina? Really dumb connection.

Thirdly, they ridicule women by playing on these stereotypes, and undermine relationships AND the men in it, as if the only point of the relationship is for men to sleep with women. Am I reading too much into a 1 minute advertisement? Well, considering they did a whole series on it, no.

What kind of girlfriend am I? None of the above, because I'm not some ridiculous cliche.

Gehan said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll be more careful in what I post from now on.

T said...

umm don't be silly, my comment has nothing to do with what you post, I was talking about the ads.

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