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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twenty Minute Posting: IV

This one is going to be all over the place; don't say I didn't warn you.

Some people say that it's easier to get words on paper than it is to say them. Some say writing helps to arrange your thoughts and get things in order upstairs. Some people are wrong.

I for one can't seem to get my figurative 'pen' to figurative 'paper' at all, and it's not for a lack of thoughts in my head; trust me, it's a-buzzing like a hornets nest right now.

("Hornets nest"?? Really??)

It's just too damn hard. I would much rather Google devise some elaborate machine or app that could extract my mind's thoughts and display them in HD on my browser. Surely, that isn't too much to ask from the people that gave us Google Goggles and, well, Google anything.

(I just spent 8 minutes of the allotted 20 minutes for this post 'thinking'.)

I watched a shit movie called "Love and Other Drugs", where Jake Gyllenhall plays a messed up but good looking guy and Anne Hathaway plays a messed up but good looking girl. They fall in love, and they 'fix' each other. Idiots.

Love doesn't work that way. Relationships don't 'fix' things. You don't discover some miraculous epiphany thanks to the person you are together with. You don't learn some inner truth while you're naked in bed and staring into each others eyes.

Sometimes I think we need relationships, only so that we can be understood. That's all. Not to be fixed, healed, 'completed'. If you're broken, screwed up, and have self-esteem issues, a girlfriend or boyfriend is not going to help you. Perhaps this whole waiting till you meet "the one" nonsense is more about you giving yourself time to realise what a jackass you are, and doing something about it first before burdening someone else with your garbage.

When people have relationship problems, especially people in my age group i.e. 26 and lower, it's not because there's a problem with the relationship or the other person. The problem isn't even 'you'.

The problem is that you don't know that it's you.

If anyone gets something out of this word vomit, I salute you. Otherwise, let this just be another rambling lost to cyberspace, a page of pondering destined to be 'misunderstood'.


Seesaw said...

Agreed. Wanting to be understood is one of our greatest needs- although I'd go one step further and say 'understood and still accepted'. Especially when you have realised that it is sometimes SO hard to be understood (that's from the epiphany you go through when you realise why your r'ships don't work ha!).

I loved that movie though :-D Naked Jake, sighhhhhh.

T said...


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