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Monday, April 25, 2011

30 Day Movie Challenge: Day 2 & 3

Not even one day into my own self-imposed challenge and I find myself slacking. It's been a busy weekend, and I haven't felt much like writing. But no excuses; onwards to day 2 and 3.

Day 02: Least Favourite Movie.

Now this is also open to a few interpretations: do I post the movie I dislike the most, or one of my favourites that I'm not too crazy about? I'm sticking with the former, and after careful consideration, the winner is: Batman & Robin (1997)

Wow. Where do I even begin. You probably know that I'm a huge Batman fan (hence the profile avatar), so perhaps this is a bit of a surprise. But then, how many of you have actually seen this movie? This was the big dagger that almost completely sank the franchise, before Nolan resurrected it with "Batman Begins". Headed by Joel Schumacher, who also directed the much better "Batman Forever" in 1995, this was supposed to be a more comic book take on the caped crusader. Little did we know, he was talking about colouring books, not graphic novels.

So, what did they do, after making three succesful Batman movies? They roped in George Clooney for Batman / Bruce Wayne, got Chris O'Donnel to reprise his role as Robin, and wrote in not one, but two villains into the script, along with a third addition to the cast - Batgirl.

On paper, this sounds fantastic. George Clooney? Even guys like George Clooney. Plus Arnold as Mr.Freeze? Who else could play an almost robotic super-character with so much skill and prior experience?

And then you add these four ladies into your movie:

 Seriously. How could you screw this up?

Well, apparently you can.

What followed was a bizarre story involving Poison Ivy as a mental Uma Thurman, a disengaged George Clooney who seemed to have confused Bruce Wayne's character and George Clooney's real life, as well as an utterly useless Batgirl in Alicia Silverstone.

And then there were the costumes:

 Are you kidding me?

I could go on and on about how Batman and Robin escape a plan by 'surfing' to the ground, or how Batman tries to woo Poison Ivy with his Bat-credit-card ("never leave the batcave without it"), but I think this trailer will make my point.

Runners up:
The Notebook
Every single one of those spoof movies ("Disaster Movie", "Epic Movie", "Scary Movie 1-infinity")

Day 03: A movie that makes you happy.

Pretty easy pick for me. Since I first saw this movie, I've been raving about how this is what I consider the best romantic comedy in the last few years. Forget the non-existent chemistry between almost all leading men and women in the genre these days (in "Twilight", Kirsten Stewart looks as interested in Robert Pattinson as Lady Gaga does in regular clothing), this is how it's done. I've always had a crush on Rachel McAdams, but she was her best in this movie. Great chemistry with Owen Wilson, and the comic timing of Vaughn, Wilson and Christopher Walken makes this a simply must see. Love watching this movie, always brings a smile to my face.

Yes, I'm talking about: Wedding Crashers (2005)

Runners up:
Tropic Thunder (2008)
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse of The Black Pearl (2003)



who else but me said...

I agree! Batman & Robin was a big mistake. Uma Thurman was just annoying!

Delilah said...

nice :) but how did you miss Catwoman for least fav? :D

T said...

@delilah don't be ridiculous. How can Halle Berry in leather be anything but awesome?

And fatty, I loved the Notebook. Ryan Gosling was so delicious. The book however.. *puke*

Dili/දිලින said...

"...Poison Ivy as a mental Uma Thurman" ??? xD dont you meant the other way around?

i dont blame you though, that whole movie was "the other way around"

Gehan said...

@webm - indeed!

@delilah - i haven't had the (mis)fortune to see it. and like T says, yum!

@T - Ryan Gosling looked like a vagrant througout the movie, and the story was beyond ridiculous. Rachel McAdams, though - delicious!

@Dili - you're right, but i can't be bothered changing it..! what a movie huh?

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