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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eleven Days Into Twenty-Eleven..

As I type this post, it is 830pm on the 11th of 2011. I suppose if I wanted to make it more dramatic I would have waited till 11:11:11 or something, but it's been a long day and I will probably be under my sheets then, vainly attempting to shove aside the thoughts of work tomorrow.

Perhaps it's too early in the year to write a progress report on the new decade, yet I am rarely in the mood to properly blog these days, and when these moments come along where I find myself with the time and the motivation to write, I feel I should 'grab on with both hands'. So here I am, reaching for my work laptop, propping myself up on the bed, about to regale you with what this year has been so far.

Of course, I could ramble on and on about 'change', and 'life', and 'the future', and all these other vague yet intellectual ideas that one usually associates with the new year. 'New beginnings' are aplenty in the month of January, along with the hackneyed 'new leaf'. Yes, the first month, and the first few weeks especially, are characterised by that magical pixie dust that forces the world in general to become a better something.

I do not fully understand why people are in such a rush to change things these days. It's almost as if we have started moving so fast that staying constant is just something that is not done. We change our thoughts, ideas and perceptions faster than John Mayer can dump a beautful blonde celebrity. Change is 'in'; Same is 'old'.

As I watch everyone attempt (and mostly fail) at becoming a new person this year, I find myself in the odd position of trying to stay the same; a task I find infinitely harder. I admire those who can identify areas in their life that needs to adapt and evolve, yet it is a rare phenomenon. Most people want to change simply because it is easy, or because someone else said they should. As for me, I feel like I'm looking in the mirror, and watching as ever so subtly, my skin begins to fade, my hair begins to thin, and eyes beging to glaze over. No, I'm not growing old, but I am being forced into 'turning', ever so slowly, just like everyone else.

I'm tempted to write something deep like "change is constant", or "we are all one consciousness", but that would just be lame and pretentious. I am known (I think) for my dramatic nature, and I have often written about 'fighting' for life and what you believe in, mostly to the smirks and rolled eyes of my readers. But as much as I would like to depart from that line of thought and from using that phrase, I am forced to repeat the same, old, boring and repetitive thing again here.

I'm still fighting.

Bring on the next 354 days; I got all year.


Seesaw said...

People want to change because change is easy?!?! Dude, it's the hardest thing ever. I think change should be embraced, but sometimes it's good to just sit back and...be. Hope you enjoy 'being' this year :-)

Angel said...

Hmmmm I always felt change is inevitable... And somehow as you grow older, the change happens faster and faster. Oh for the slow bubble like days of childhood...

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