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Saturday, January 1, 2011

If My 2010 Was A Michael Bay Movie (Or 'Happy New Year Everyone!')

And before you know it, it's that time of year again. The Earth has gone done it's little trip round the sun, the seasons have passed, the decorations have come and gone again, and we are once again at the beginning of a brand spanking new year, full of endless possibility and promise. It seems like just yesterday I was heading to work in the early morning transport, cursing our employers for making us come into work on New Years Day to celebrate with our 'work family', albeit for only half a day; now, I'm 3 hours away from making sure I don't end up doing it all over again.

However, while last year had gone by faster than a Hollywood romance, it had been an extremely eventful year. Wow, what a year! If you made a movie of my 2010, it would be a Michael Bay movie.

Opening credits!

(This year will be good, it's going to be awesome! Been looking forward to this year all - err - year!)

Opening Scene!

(Alright, so far so good, I'm doing good, we're all fine, this is going to be awesome!)


(Whoa! Okay I didn't see that coming but yeah, that was awesome!)

Meaningless dialogue!

(Okay, I'm not quite sure what the point of this is but I'm okay with it, this is leading somewhere, right?)

HUGE Explosion!

(Um, okay that was very cool but wait this doesn't make sense...)

Dialogue trying to explain what just happened

(But I just saw that in the first movie, and there they said, I mean, how could this happen again? Haven't I seen something kinda similar before...?)


(Yeah this is ridiculous, there better be a pause somewhere here...)

Dramatic pause, followed by somber music and attempts at acting

(Alright this can work, if they end it just right and...)


(Wait, what?)


(What a total waste of time, I actually wish I was at work!)

To call my last year a rollercoaster would be a gross understatement. As I flip the page to 2011, I can only heave a sigh of relief that it's over and done with, and be grateful that whatever new mistakes I make don't have to be clubbed with the old ones anymore.

As I try to sleep with the sound of the odd firecracker still bursting outside, and the scandalous misadventures of T flooding my inbox, I'd like to wish everyone a kickass 2011. God knows, i'm sure we all could use one!




Angel said...

O_o T has been having scandalous misadventures?? Do please forward to my inbox!

Hope 2011 will be like a Spielberg movie... or will that be overkill?


Cadence said...

Happy New Year!!!! and belated b'day wishes as well!!

hijinx said...

Happy New Year! Th explosions were cool. :) May next year's movie have a better plot.

Dishilicious said...

:D luved the post. wish you a kickass 2011 too!! take care

Undivine Intervention said...


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