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Friday, September 18, 2009

T Minus 24 Hours!

This post is coming to you via my phone's web browser, not in an attempt at tech-savvyness, but because I just wanted to type this out right now.

So as some of you know, I'll be singing for Onstage tomorrow at the Holiday Inn. Today was my final rehearsal and boy, it was NOT good!

After travelling 4 hours from Kandy and taking 3 buses, I reached the rehearsal place a good 45mins late. Hence I had the misfortune of listening to some of my competitors singing and they were VERY good! I was instantly reminded of the words from my earlier post - SONG CHOICE! SONG CHOICE!

Anyway, when it was my turn to practice, not only was my self confidence shaken up but my voice decided to take a paid vacation, thus giving rise to more flats than those that exist in CharmBracelet's shoe cupboard. Weak joke, but give me a break, i'm depressed.

However, a few panicked phone calls later, I was reassured and at ease. I was reminded about how much I actually love to sing, and that should be my focus tomorrow night. These opportunities don't come often, and I should make the most of it and have some fun! Also, a nice hot cup of tea seems to have revived my vocals temporarily, but I've decided to not utter a word till I step up on stage tomorrow evening!

Watch this space for the details! Whether I make it or not, I'm going to have some fun tomorrow!




Dili | දිලින said...

Dude can the emo act, leave that to pros like fallen :D you do what you're pro @ and thats singing. Break a leg and a lot of faith to/in you. Leave all your worries, let it all go, have a ball, and ace the performance.


The Puppeteer said...

Dude! Stay out of the rain, drink hot coco and rest them vocal chords!

Good luck! Do the Kottu-osphere proud! =D

PseudoRandom said...

...aaaaand breathe :-)

Forget the 'competition'...just do your best. A little bit of nervousness is a good thing anyway. Now that you've got the nerves out of the way, tomorrow should be a breeze :-).

The bus rides can't have done your voice any favours. Hot tea (with tons of ginger), warm honey with garlic, burnt coconut, salt water gargle, and most of all, plenty of rest. OK this is sounding like a prescription so I'll stop :P

GOOD LUCK!!! :-)

Makuluwo said...

Kick some butt, foo'!

The Pathfinder said...

goodluck man

Charm Bracelet said...

hehe :) Don't worry G, We've heard u sing and ul be more than fine. The most important thing is to enjoy urself. The rest will fall in place. We're all rootin' for ya.

Break a leg and all the very best!
Keep the faith.

Scrumpulicious said...

Like Pseudo said! You'll be fine! Just have fun.
Good luck my fatty! x

Angel said...

Good luck! :)

gutterflower said...

Drama queen. :P Do everything PR said, and just relaax. :)
Good luck!

Disease said...

All the Best!! Bro..
Kick some Ass.. You Can Do It ! :)

who else but me said...

hope all goes well. rooting for you! :)

Gehan said...

hey all! thank you so much for the comments.. i was reading all of them on my phone before the performance :D await a post about all the details soon!



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