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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hey you

Come here, stay a while

It's okay, that can wait

Of course I have time

Tell me about your day

No, let's talk about you first

I'm listening

No one else needs to know

I won't tell anyone

I promise

Give me your hand, open your heart

Show me your soul

Tell me everything

Tell me your hopes

Tell me your dreams

Tell me your


... to be continued....?


Dishilicious said...

nice one! :) waiting for the rest. by the way me likes the new layout, very cool! :D

PseudoRandom said...


Hisham said...

dude! dint u say tht u hated poetry? :S :S :S

Anonymous said...


Delilah said...


St. Fallen said...

ammata hukk****

Gehan said...

dishilicious - yep, the next one will be up soon :)

PR - aaaaaah...!

Hisham - i don't "hate" poetry, i simply struggle to understand most of it.. tho i suppose i would have to be a complete moron to not understand my own attempts at it.. haha..

anon - *where?*

Delilah - thanks :D

St. Fallen - i'll assume that u don't hate it then...

Cadence said...

Nice... and yeah, to be continued pls.

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