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Monday, September 21, 2009

... bugger...

... I just put up my last post about Onstage, and now I have to write one saying that I didn't make it.

Yes, I just got the call, and sadly I couldn't make it into the top 6. Disappointment galore, I must admit, but after it had sunk in I realised that I'm okay with it. I had a total blast, and perhaps last weekend was just that - a fantastic weekend. And God knows I needed it!

Once again, much love to everyone that supported me and were rooting for me! I suppose now, you guys will be the only ones that get to listen to my musical adventures.

.... for now!



PS: Just uploaded the videos on Youtube. Click here for Cry Me A River, and here for My Sacrifice. The audio quality comes and goes, but it's pretty decent. Thanks to T for recording it!


Anonymous said...

aiyoooooooo! better luck next time! :D but u had a blast and thats worth EVERYTHING! :)

St. Fallen said...

screw onstage, man, that's exactly why I didn't send a demo in this time.

getting into the finals won't mean much cause there's a lot of politics involved in deciding who wins, just ask TMS, she was once a finalist.

I think it's time you brought in some variation, maybe some instrumentals? freshen this up a bit, it's getting a tad mundane. just my opinion, though (:

cheer up! it's not THAT bad, at least you got in. they wouldn't accept my demo because I refused to do covers, but oh well, that's just me (:

Anonymous said...

Sorry.. hope u feel better.
Did they reimburse your travel expenses atleast ? Not sure how they work but usually sponsors have a policy of reimbursing travel expenses of all contestants in other countries. Don't worry bro.. We all love you. Keep singing !

PseudoRandom said...

Waah :'( This groupie not happy.

Well done for putting yourself out there...it's a lot further than a lot of people are willing to go.

I guess at least this way, we'll continue to be the privileged ones, eh? ;-)

Disease said...

Who cares about OnStage Bro? You will always be Elton John ( The Singer) to me and the BEST MUSICIAN in our Blog Community. :D

Cheers !!

She Who Eats Cookies said...

But you can do much better than Onstage! Screw them :)
chin up, laddie! :)

Dili | දිලින said...

Well bright side is you had a ball, you got far and you'll still have us to boo you here :)

Nice Work man.You did good :)

The Puppeteer said...

We the only ones who listen to your musical adventures? Pfft!
Don't let this stand in the way of becoming a rock star!

Gadgetgirl said...

Dissappointed. Yet however there's always next time.


Scrumpulicious said...

Well done for getting so far. It takes a lot to put yourself out there and risk disappointment.
Besides - what do they (judges of Onstage) know?! You have a huge following already and that's just from your blogging! :)

Gehan said...

thanks everyone for your comments.. believe me when i say they all mean a lot to me :)

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