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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Now, before you get started, let me say yes, I know I'm not really suffering from insomnia, I am merely unable to sleep and prone to exaggeration and drama.

It is almost 1am right now, and I have tried in vain to slip into bed and drift away into sleep. Sadly, the combination of extreme heat and my recent bout of late night restlessness (it's not as fun as it sounds) has made it a futile task. I have been walking around the house bleary eyed, as my eyelids refuse to completely shut while at the same time refusing to remain fully open. The results are very tired eyelids and a marked increase in frustration. I have called all the people I could possibly call at this time of night (a grand total of one, unfortunately) and now I have resorted to plonking my uncooperative self in front of the laptop. What I hope to achieve though, I have no idea; perhaps I can write a post so boring, reading it in draft will put me to sleep.

However, during all this tossing and turning and fussing about, I took time to notice the surrounding landscape. It's amazing how different even the most familiar surroundings can look when viewed in darkness. Night time brings with it its cloak of shadows and blackness, and somehow even the most well-known sights become forbidding, unknown places.

I think this is also relevant to people. Over the last few years, I have had the misfortune of meeting the most horrible, evil people I could ever imagine. I have witnessed them do unspeakably selfish things, all for personal gain and satisfaction. For me it has been a lesson in discernment, for so often I have assumed someone to be one thing only to discover that it was all just a charade, a clever deceptive mask that hides their true selves, and their true agendas.

I have many times mocked the world in general for its hopelessness, yet I have always believed in the inherent good of people. Yet, after meeting these devious double-minded people, I feel as if I must re-evaluate my stand.

Now, if only I could fall asleep...!


Delilah said...

welcome to insominiacs united :)

and no dont change your stance. theres some good even in the worst of people.

۞ -- MìsChìef -- ۞ said...

right. i ALMOST managed an afternoon nap on this :P

Guiding Spirit said...

Been through many a sleepless night myself. As you lie there in the dark, every problem you have seems bigger, more capable of changing life as you know it, of destroying you. And then, daylight comes and things seem a bit better :)

ps - don't let the horrible/evil people you come across change who you are.

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