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Friday, April 9, 2010

Under The Bridge

Once in a while, you hear a song that goes on to define a certain period of time in your life. For me, there are many songs that remind me of either high school, college, or some other specific time period. This could be either due to the way in which I first heard it, or where I was when I used to listen to it, etc.

Then there are songs that go bigger, and are forever associated with a generation; a decade even. The Red Hot Chili Pepppers "Under The Bridge" is one such song. Few songs define the 90's like this classic, which cemented RHCP into the minds of all those 80's babies forever. Even the music video is a classic, something that is instantly remembered for the young fresh-faced Frusciante in the beginning of the video, and the long haired, bare-chested Anthony Kiedis running in slow-motion towards the camera.

Recently the topic of song meanings came up in a conversation, and I mentioned how interesting it was to find out what the artists had in mind when writing the lyrics to certain songs. The meaning behind "Under The Bridge" is haunting; a personal statement from Anthony who wrote this song after he had given up drugs. Due to his newly found clean-streak, he felt somewhat alienated from his band mates who would continuously get high while practising and jamming, thus making Anthony feel a stranger in his own band, and to his own friends. This forced him into long drives around L.A, helping him recall the days when he would do anything to 'score' some drugs, even once pretending to be the fiance of a local drug lord's sister to gain entrance into their circle, all this while having a loving girlfriend waiting for him at home.

Without much further ado then, here is "Under The Bridge". This cover is also special to me because it's the first one featuring my kid brother on guitars, so do take some time to appreciate his fancy finger work as well. If you haven't checked out the video before, you HAVE to do so! Click here for the original (it's not on youtube, but be patient and check it out), and click here to download the audio for the song. As always, I hope you enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

nice!!!! good job jason!!!!

jessica.sam said...

hy anonymous. thanks for the song. its a great song cover with my ongoing imaginative stories. :)
keep in touch. :)

St. Fallen said...

uh.. I'm just going to be honest and say that that cover just killed the song for me. the piano didn't go with the way you sang it, the way you sang it would've gone well with guitar. and the bit where the guitar came in, when you went back into "under the bridge" it just sounded like a really REALLY bad... I can't think of a word. might've been a better idea to have sung that with just your bro playing guitar.

just my opinion though.

Andre. said...

Hi! I'm from Spain and I've listened that song many timees....it's the best song, is GOD, XD
I don't know how im here in your blog, but Under the Bridge has catched my attention xD

PseudoRandom said...

So I'm one of those infidels that actually likes the All Saints version. Not that I dislike the original (I agree, it's a classic), but I love what the girls did with it, production-wise.

As for your cover...I love the verses! So soft and emotional. It sounds like you're straining your voice a bit on the choruses though, especially on the high notes...careful, we don't want you getting nodules! And it's great to hear your brother getting in on the action! Hope there'll be more from him?

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