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Friday, April 23, 2010

My World Is A Lie That's Coming True

I feel this post links up with two posts I wrote earlier; one is "Wrestle The Angel", in which I linked to Switchfoot's "Twenty four", and the other is "Soul Song" which I wrote way back in January.

There is something special about that moment of surrender, when all hope seems to be lost. It is a moment when words are not really needed, where articulation does not need to be conscious, as long as the emotion is released. It is a difficult place, where we go against every natural instinct to stay in control with our hands on the wheel, instead of just letting go.

I have always wanted to sing, not merely to sound good but to sing out with all my heart. We live in a world where we are so confused about who we are and what our purpose is, that we blindly hold on to the convictions and hopes of those around us who seem more sure of what they are doing. We sing their songs, we claim them as ours, and in the end we don't find out who we are.

I am not a 'religious' man; in fact, I hate the term. I would much rather be called a man of faith, even if more often than not, that title does not befit me. It amuses me when people label Switchfoot and their music as 'religious' - somehow, bleach-blonde surf-crazed rockers hardly go with the word.

But this song, it speaks to me. It stirs something inside me that has been lying dormant for so long. I keep coming back to it ever since I first heard it; indeed, the whole album seems to have that property. I envy Jon Foreman, the lead singer/guitarist/song-writer for the band. I envy his ability to verbalise what I so often can not.

I hope you enjoy the song. Click here to read the thinking behind the songs from their new album.


I'm on the run
I'm on the ropes this time
Where is my song?
I've lost the song of my soul tonight

Sing it out
Sing it out
Take what is left of me
And make it a melody
Sing it out
Sing out-loud
I can't find the words to sing
You'd be my remedy
My song, my song
I'll sing with what's left of me

Where is the sun?
Feel like a ghost this time
Where have you gone?
I need your breath in my lungs tonight

Sing it out..

I'm holding on
I'm holding on to you
My world is wrong
My world is a lie that's come true
And I fall in love with the ones that run me through
When all along all I need is you

Sing it out..


The Puppeteer said...

"bleach-blonde surf-crazed rockers"??? Blasphemy! *covers ears and runs away*


I'm a Switchfoot fan. They've got some really good songs.

You've got the potential to be as good.

Gehan said...

@ the puppeteer: wow, thats quite a compliment.. thank u so much! and hey, they are surf-crazed rockers! in fact the band name is a surfing term as well.. i follow them on twitter and all they talk about is goin surfin in the different countries their touring in :D check out their new album "hello hurricane" if u can..

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