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Friday, February 12, 2010

Life And Basketball

(Sort of continued from here)

I vividly remember the nights playing basketball in college. The sweat, the lights, and the heat emanating from my body mixed with the cool night breeze that blew across the floor of our outdoor court. Most of the time we played in the evenings from 530pm till about 8pm, but I often found myself on the court either before or after this period, usually due to some personal issue that was weighing on my mind.

You see to me, being on the court was always therapeutic. When I was angry, alone, frustrated or depressed, stepping on the court never failed to fix my mood. Those of you that know me or have been reading this blog should know by now that I have a passion for basketball that borders on obsession. Perhaps that was why some of my best and worst memories from college all involved the court in some way; the highs being reflected in soaring through defenders for a basket, the lows in the taste of blood after hitting the merciless concrete floor. But it wasn’t just the triumphs and failures of my sports life that were affiliated with the court; even my personal struggles were somehow intertwined with it. Often I have paused at the court when walking back towards my hostel after a lonely day and smiled as I watched some kids playing under lights, just chucking the ball around and falling over each other in laughter. Other times I’ve waited there for a special someone to meet me for a nice late dinner, nervously checking to see if I was presentable or not.

To me, basketball and life are very similar. I was never very good at the game, despite my passionate love for it. I have thrown up many ‘Hail Marys’ from beyond the three-point line, missed tonnes of assignments on defence due to lack of concentration, made terrible decisions in transition and watched several of my not-so-clever passes being intercepted by the opposing defence. Yet such is the game that there is always a way to redeem yourself somehow. I’ve played in tournaments filled with personal failure that still ended with a performance that saved the team, mainly because the opposing team didn’t think I could play due to my lack of scoring, and so, much to my great pleasure, left me relatively unguarded through the finals while I hit mid-range jumper after mid-range jumper. ‘Player of the game’? Why thank you very much.

Life is not too different either, for despite my love of life and everything that it symbolises, I have proven to be rather bad at living it. I’ve made so many wrong decisions, foolish choices and missed opportunities due to my lack of focus and direction. It seems that my 25 years on this earth has done nothing to remedy that.

Yes, life is a lot like basketball, but it isn’t; the difference being that this life isn’t a game. Second chances are hard to come by, and the odd ones that do come our way are very few and far between. Plus, how many times have we buckled at an opportunity to make things right simply because we couldn’t face what was wrong in the first place?

So here I am, looking back at things that I wish I could change, things I wish I could do over and make up for, and I realise that as much as I want that, perhaps I would have more luck lacing up my sneakers and looking for my jersey.


T said...

..BUT, in life, like any sport, half the battle is in your head; it's all about the attitude. When life is trash talking you on the court, maybe it's best to keep the locker room pep talk in mind :)

Love the post.

Anonymous said...

This was so very well written.
I felt like I was reading you discovering yourself.

~ lo$t $oul ~ said...

Like T says Prep talk shud stay in locker room... :)

nice to see someone else who can relate life around to bball..

Seesaw said...

I know I'm such a comment copycat, but I really enjoyed reading this post! Nice analogy :-D

alicia said...

Welcome back Gehan :) I've read this a couple of times already.

Anonymous said...

:) glad u wrote this... Brings back lot of memories... Just remembered all ur matches! Well... When I talk about u... I always mention about ur love for ball...!

Gehan said...

@ T - thanks T... :)

@ anon1 - thanks a lot, im glad it appealed to ya.. keep reading!

@ lost soul - haha thanks!

@ seesaw - no probs about the copycat comment, as long as u meant it :) thanks!

@ alicia - thanks! it feels good to be back!

@ anon2 - who are u? :D lol... glad u liked the post...

Sakshi said...

gee! Its me!!;D dunno how it got posted as 'anonymous'! I typed my name! Me n my tech issues!! Some things just never change!! Aaaargh!! - Saksh

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