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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Like A Stone

This video was supposed to come up yesterday, but unavoidable circumstance led to its postponement. This is Audioslave's "Like A Stone" from their self-titled debut album. The original is here, in case you haven't heard it before (welcome to the world by the way).

Chris Cornell has to have one of the most unique vocals in recent history, but I guess it's an acquired taste. I suppose those that like the original may not look at this cover favourably, but still it's out there and I hope someone enjoys it!

Click here if you want to download the song direct without watching the video!



Gerald said...

Oh god it sucks donkey balls.

No I didn't listen to it.


PseudoRandom said...


My only gripe...you should've harmonised the last chorus too :D

Yes I'm a harmony junkie. Sue me :P

Cadence said...

Hmmm you've done a harmony, nice.

Dark somehow.

Mr. Hachi Roku said...

I love the Cornell voice. Its definitely a unique voice and only sounds nice to a selected few.

For some reason I preferred him in Sound Garden and songs like blackhole sun never came around in audioslave but Like a stone is one of the rare ones which has a steady and sweet drumbeat.

Thanks mate for the reminder of this great song :)

Middle Child said...

Love it.

N B said...

Its about time you came up with your debut album "The Headless" :-)

Anonymous said...

you are amazing.

your adoring fan base.

realskullzero said...

Great stuff bro..love the song...

Sabby said...


You know what I am thinking, yes? =D

T said...

i actually really love this one.

Gehan said...

gerald: bastard :P

PR: lol i was very tentative abt the harmony part so didnt wanna overdo it :)

cadence: 'tis a dark song :) or are u talkin abt the lighting? :D lol..

mr.hachi roku: yea he was never a perfect fit in audioslave, which is why their later albums started to wilt in my opinion.. still, i liked da band.. its easier to like em if u dnt compare em to the earlier cornell experiments :)

mc: thanks! :)

NB: yes

anon: aww u are too kind.. :D

rsz: thanks a lot! :)

sabby: lol yep!

T: really.....? :D

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