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Monday, June 1, 2009

Bits And Pieces

There have been a few things I have wanted to write about but they've all ended up as half-baked draft posts in my head. So, in an attempt to do some spring cleaning (a bit late for that, I know) I decided to just stick them all together in one big post and see what turns out.

The other day I saw an auto parked near our house, and it was being used by the SLT Breakdown Crew (or whatever they're called). It was painted light blue and had the SLT logo plastered all over it, plus the SLT Breakdown Boys (or whatever they're called) motto printed across the back.

SLT Breakdown Service. One Call Away.

Which got me thinking: if someones phone DOES pack up and die, how in the world are we supposed to call the Telephone Techies (or whatever they're called) in the first place?! 'One call away' may be one call too far!

I was in class and about to drift away with my eyes open when my lecturer said something rather off topic. We were discussing 'perception' and why it's important for Organisational Behaviour (see why I was drifting?) and somehow or the other we started talking about love. "When people look at things, they have to be able to classify it as a part of their mental model. If it doesn't fit, then it negatively affects our perception of it. That's why when we fall in love, we fall in love with people that are like us. Either they are similar in looks or in personality or some other way."

When I look back on my rather limited experiences in relationships, I must say that I don't agree in that respect. I don't think any of my ex's personalities were close to mine; at best, I might admit that in some cases they possessed traits that I wanted in myself. What about you? Have you ended up digging someone that had a similar thought pattern to yourself?

As for looks, if any of my ex's looked even remotely like me, I'd be beyond creeped out.....!

Apparently I have been tagged in this 5 words nonsense that's been doing the rounds. For those that don't know what I'm talking about, I'm supposed to write down 5 words that describe how I feel about the end of the war here. Righto, here goes:

1. Cynicism (I don't think we'll ever know the full story of what happened up north)

2. Nonchalance (Sadly, I must admit that the war hasn't affected me personally at all)

3. Relief (No more killing, no more bombs, no more fear)

4. Curiosity (Does this mean no more army checkpoints?!)

5. Annoyance (Another "Proud to be a Lankan Lion" Facebook invite and I'm going to migrate)

I feel I'm getting more than my money's worth at the gym here. Yes, I'm paying for using the weights and machines, but no one told me that between sets I would be entertained by the hourly aerobics classes! Now, I'm all in favour of people trying to get back in shape; in fact, I applaud the efforts of both young and old to do so despite how daunting the challenge may be at first. When I survey the crowd in the gym, I notice that the age bracket of those enrolled in the aerobics class is as wide as some of their - well, never mind.

But have you ever really watched people doing aerobics?!

While some of the exercises are rather rudimentary and expected, some of the steps are just awkward and the rest are plain bizarre! Expecting these - err - 'spherically blessed' individuals to kick out their legs sideways and touch their fingertips in an attempt to imitate a Russian folk dancer is just cruel in my opinion. Then there's the kick-boxing routines, and don't even get me started on the mat workouts! All in all the whole thing is reminiscent of a kindergarten kids drill, albeit minus the costumes and the pom-poms! And yet they come faithfully, day after day, week after week, waving their hands about with fervour and reaching for areas of their body that haven't been accessed in years, all the while performing the most ludicrous semi-dance moves to appalling karaoke music.

I salute their dedication, but at this rate I wouldn't be surprised to see them faithfully doing the Macarena the next time I visit the gym.


Makuluwo said...

1. Use your cell phone? :P But yes, ironic indeed.

2. Yep I've noticed I usually go for people who are very similar to me in some aspect!

3. I am SOOO sick of those irritating Facebook invites too. :@

4. LOL I was just imagining 'spherically blessed' people doing an exercise-jig to the I like big butts and I cannot lie song. :D

DeeCee said...


PseudoRandom said...

1. I vaguely remember there being a 3-digit SLT breakdown number that worked even if the phone was messed up...but that was when I was 5 or something, which was before Mak was born...so...yeah maybe my memory's a bit hazy :D
You could call from your neighbour's though :D

2. I thought we look for people who look like our parents? Which is possibly as creepy as looking for people who look like us :S

3. Thank you :D

4. Tsk tsk don't be size-ist! :P If only real aerobics classes were more like the one in the Eric Prydz video, eh? ;-)

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