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Sunday, April 26, 2009


I hate you.

I really do. Loathe, even.

You disgust me.

I am sick of your fake smiles, and easy disposition.

Because I know who you really are. Yes, I do. I see right through you, and it disgusts me.

I see the selfish cretin that hides beneath your skin. Your hypocrisy sickens me, and I am surprised that I am the only one who can smell the stench of the decay that emanates from you.

You are a liar. You are a cheater. You are a phony.

I have never wanted to hurt someone so bad.

I want to break you down, tear down your foundations and bring you to your knees. I want to expose you, you fraud.

I want to hurt you, just like you have hurt everyone around you. I want to scar you the way you have carelessly scarred the people you supposedly care for.

And more than anything...

I want you to stop.

Stop staring back at me.

When I look in the mirror.


Makuluwo said...

WOAH! AWEsome post you bugger! :O
Defuhneetly gonna bookmark this one. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Woah... Powerful.

Charm Bracelet said...

G? Things ok?

Delilah said...

Dont. Just dont. Hugs.

who else but me said...

OoOh niiiice. i'd say it's almost...poetic. :P

Sigma Delta said...

Can't say a post has chilled me as much as this did.

Scrumpulicious said...

Gehan! :( *hugs*

Dishilicious said...

nice! very nice!

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