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Friday, April 17, 2009

And Now My Lifesong Sings

One of the hardest principles in life is to live according to what you believe. It's almost impossible to stand up, even in a time where 'standing up' has become almost trendy. Latching onto other people's beliefs, on the other hand, is infinitely easier; and these days you need to be extremely alert to make sure that you don't do so unwittingly. You see, while we all rebel at the idea of conformism and 'peer pressure', most of us unwittingly succumb against our knowledge.

But in the end, we are all going to be held accountable for our own actions. Our decisions, our choices - they all reflect the kind of person we are, our character. We may feel we're saying all the right things and doing all the right things, mingling with all the right people and going to all the right events, but who are we really? Is that what really defines us? OR is it more the quality of life we live? Surely our individual stands and beliefs speak louder than our coerced choices.

Bottom line? Our lives speak out louder than our words and our actions with regards to the kind of person we are.

And mine is shambolic at best.

So here's a song that while I am singing, I am also hoping that I can live out.

Click here to download the song instead.

So let's ask ourselves - what does our 'lifesong' say about us?


DeeCee said...


PseudoRandom said...

Hmm yeah I suppose it is difficult...to a lot of people, the short-term benefits of not being ostracised are greater than the long-term benefits of having strong genuine beliefs.

I believe that living your life according to what you believe should be your only principle...everything (and everyone) else is subject to change. Your convictions should govern your thoughts, words and actions...then there will be no contradiction within yourself.

As for the song, very soothing...lovely :-). I love the tone of your lower notes...very rich :-).

alicia said...

Story of our lives, Gehan. Choices and chances. I am not sure which matters more.
I have no clue what my lifesong would be, more like a cacophony of medleys.
Some days I live in the afterglow, and then I feel Blessed Beyond Measure. And when I think I've let myself be consumed From the Inside Out, I find myself in that dark corner Barely Breathing.

I have every reason to thank you for being able to half-express my lifesong. You know why =)

Charm Bracelet said...

Our lives do reflect the kind of person we are.. or don't they?

What happens when the choices we make, we end up regretting and the pain of the chances missed consumes us inside out? Do things like this coin us out to being 'unlike' the 'real you' or are we stuck with the mental stigma of regret?

My life song...probably a mix of crescendos and decrescendos, plateauing at the moment.

alicia said...

Funny, I just read a testimonial addressed to me by you know who "hold on to your beliefs Al, no matter what " :)
I'd just like to state the obvious here, the right thing is almost always the hardest choice.

Celestial said...

this was brilliant...

Gehan said...

DC: umm.. yay..! :D

PR: agreed.. another question is, how do we FORM those convictions....? and im glad u liked the song :)

al: wow very well put...! :D i like, i like...

charms: well i think even the mistakes and regrets we make are instrumental in making us 'something'.. regret can be a powerful tool that can shape us but can also drag us down too.. its important to learn n move on.. :)

al: it may be obvious, but it can never be said too often :)

celestial: hey thanks a lot...!

Makuluwo said...

I think you sound your best when you sing songs that toy with lower notes than higher ones.
Like the beginning of this one, and that Come Back To Me one! :)

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