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Monday, January 12, 2009

Letting Go

The last time I posted a song, it seemed to do pretty well, even if it was only among the ladies (and even if some of those ladies accused me of fishing for compliments - shame on you!). Still, since in the blogosphere (just like in real life), women pretty much run everything, I see no harm in posting another vid. That and I'm not in the mood to write anything right now.

Yes I'm lazy. Sue me.

Here's another Jeremy Camp song, covered by yours truly. It's called "Letting Go".

Click here to download the song instead.


Sabby said...

Oooh sexsy fingers is back! =P
Lovely cover. Loved the original version as well.

And hey, don't generalize us women. Grr.

Sabby said...

I meant sesxy! heehee!

alicia said...

yeah please dont generalize us women?! :D
very nice gee, this made me miss you..

... and this is so much easier isnt it? chee compliment fisher!

Jerry said...

All women are inferior to men. All women have dishes to wash, _somewhere_.

All women will compliment you on your post.


Sabby said...

@ J: You are just jealous no one likes your sesxy fingers =P

Jerry said...

Oh, if I posted my secsy fingers, you'd be all over them :P

Don't you have a man to go please?

Sabby said...

Exactly. I am all over men...not children. =P

Jerry said...

I am content with remaining a child, and a child I shall be for as long as I can be.

And gehan, your blog readership is seriously lacking in feminists nazis :/

Rectify it by making a post about how cool the Miss Universe Pageant is.

Gehan said...

sabby & al: thank u!

jerry and sabby: children, pls, go throw sand at each other somewhere else... :P

Jerry said...

*throws sand in mr dark's eyes.

Dee said...

lol @ Jerry and Sab.

@ G a.k.a sexsy fingers - i melted at "all i can do is seek your face"..melt melt...I heart yousss...and your sexsy fingers...mm mm mm mm ...k..lusting over.

ps - email pls?

Sakshi said...

:) awesome.. as always!

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