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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Apparently I have been tagged. Well, I didn't know this until I read DeeCee's and the Whackster's blogs. Aren't you supposed to leave a comment on their site if you tag someone?

Fools. But I forgive you, it gives me something to blog about without having to think much.

Alright here goes.

Have I ever.......?

  • been hit on by a guy?
  • contemplated growing my hair until I realised that it was totally Bollywood to do so and nothing on earth would induce me to become Bollywood?
  • been in a car accident? Twice?
  • sung in front of an open air audience of 4000 people - dressed as a shepherd?!
  • missed a flight - twice?! In the same day?!
  • walked a girl home in the rain after dinner and not been accused of being too corny?
  • wanted to be somebody else? Someone taller perhaps?
  • stolen cash from the parents? (It was an emergency!)
  • stolen cash from the brother? (That was just for fun)
  • gotten into a fist fight with a guy that was made out of stone?
  • accidentally bump into dad's antique Hillman car with the van and still get away with it?
  • fallen for a girl at first sight?
  • been beaten up so bad on the court that I was seeing double for the entire 4th quarter? (Doesn't do your aim any benefits, I'll tell you that much)
  • thought about dropping out of college and changing my entire career path? (I was thinking Radio Jockey.. hmm..)
I know, rather lame but that's all I can come up with as of now.

On a completely unrelated note, apparently this blog has been classified as gender neutral, and the sex of the author is probably male (by an overwhelming 51% too).

Click here to see what I'm talking about. As expected, technology has let us down. Because the 'dark one' is all man, baby. All man.


Sabby said...

It said I was a 'dude' toooooo...well gender neutral, like 50% male. Ugh!

*grumble grumble*

You have led a relatively peaceful life.

Minus the car accident bit.

Minus the singing as a shepherd bit.

Oh minus the being beaten up bit.

=) We missed you!

dinasha said...

all man? hmmm...

well at least you're better off than sabby, yes?

DeeCee said...

I'm sorry masther....

the all man bit was...kinda hot.

Toby Abraham said...

I'm 81% male.. Gehan.. all I can say is.. shame on u :P ..

Jerry said...

All the supposed "females" round these parts might _claim_ that it's inaccurate, but we all know what's going on don't we?

They're all just balding middle aged men sitting on front of glowing screens in their underwear.


TheWhacksteR said...

oh so you finally saw it, blind bat! lol ditto on on the girl. actually i think it was more first speak than first sight. and as for contemplating a total change in direction oh iv been there brother, still find my thoughts going down that road :) sigh, mybe one day i will find enlightenment. lets keep hopin eh. ciao

Gehan said...

sabby: im touched.. wait, i have no heart.. so no, im not touched :P

dinasha: lol

deecee: wats even hotter is tat its true.... :D

toby: i kno, im gutted. kinda. no.

jerry: lol exactly!!

whackster: haha good, so im not alone in tat respect... n hello, next time u tag someone let them kno.. :P

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