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Monday, November 3, 2008

Rambling Rants, Raves and Reasons To Not Get Married

Good morning all! It's Monday - the day when all things in life return to routine and when all happy feelings of the weekend fade into oblivion faster than a Jessica Simpson single. After my usual cursory glance through the blogosphere, I make two completely unsurprising discoveries.

1. There are the usual rants, raves and ramblings regarding men, marriage and massages. Well, alright, massages I just threw in to make it rhyme.

2. The words 'rant', 'rave', 'random' and 'rambling' are the most common words in the Sri Lankan blogosphere. There are so many different combinations of these words in people's blog names, followed by some derivative of 'lunatic', 'nutter', 'hatter' or the such, that I start to wonder if I somehow didn't get a memo or something.

To rectify the second point, I have decided to rename this blog as - THE RANDOM DAILY DARKSIDE RAMBLINGS OF A RANTING RAVING RETARD!

Okay maybe not.

As for the first point, well, since we're all worried about marriage and finding our soul mates and meeting our prince and/or princess (depending on your preference - no judgement here!) I feel it necessary to share this little note I came across which may come in handy, especially if someone you know is heading down the dreaded road of martydom. Err, I mean, marriage, sorry.


(Courtesy Barney Stinson's blog - save the note on your comp if it isn't clear enough to read)


Sabby said...

Oh my god. That post got me laughing out loud and I am in college and it's not nice to laugh out loud when surrounded by studious nerds!!


I heart Barney!! =)

TheWhacksteR said...

lol yeah iv notoced how many blogs have the words 'random' and 'rant' attche to em. guess its something thats synonimous with blogging

Gerald said...

...*shuffles feet*

I certainly don't have any of those miscreant bits of literature in my blog...

No, definitely not...

But seriously though, I named mine after watching "A Beautiful Mind" too many times.

Then I realize that 80% of blogs had insane/rant/rambling in the titles or descriptions.



Naal said...


Gehan said...

sabby: hey, im pretty funny too! :P hehe glad it cheered u up :)

whackster: ur right, but i wonder why ppl naturally assume that they'll have nothing but ranting and rambling to blog abt...! sad, sad lives...

gerald aka jerry: is that why ur always confused abt ur identity?! aha! i have finally got it .. :D but dnt worry, jus chk out a few o da names on my blog list - krazzy ramblings, ramblings of an altruist, rantings in colombo, rants of a middle child, scribbled ramblings... urs is jus fine :D

naal: :D wat did i say? oh cmon, not everythin is abt u .. :P

Dinasha said...

I just checked 'kottu' out today, and yeah i did notice the ramblings, rants and ravings... nice trick of timing that I stumbled onto your blog a few minutes after.

I think u were going for alliteration rather than rhyming though..with the 'men, marriage and massages' bit.. but that's getting technical :P

You made me laugh, and on a day like today, that's totally appreciated - thanks.

PseudoRandom said...

Got a problem with my blog title, mister?! Huh?!? Do ya?!?!?!?!? :D

You're spot on though. And I think thewhackster's right - for a lot of people (myself included) rambles and rants are synonymous with blogging. It's a good outlet.

And LOL at the marriage advice...awesome! I hope no Best Man decides to use that as the template for his speech!

Gerald said...

No, foo'

I switch identities because I use "gerald" at work.Most clients don't appreciate getting email from "thejestah100".

And oh yeah, HIMYM PWNZ J00.
Season three is halfway down the pipe...

Gehan said...

dinasha: ah yes. ur rite. too technical :P hehe theres a reason i dropped outta literature in school.. n im glad u enjoyed da post! keep readin :)

pseudorandom: lol well at least u can claim that 'altruist' is in no way a derivative of 'lunatic', 'retard', etc etc..!

gerald aka oh never mind!: ohh.. my theory was cooler..... :P

Queen of the Dark Asylum said...

i like the blog theme. its sexy =D

Gehan said...

Why THANK YOU! :) im glad you like the theme, i try to make it as accurate a representation of me as i possibly can ;)

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