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Monday, July 5, 2010

Single Ladies FTW!

There are many things wrong with couples these days. Drama has reached an all time high, as have the levels of PDA, which isn’t all bad to be honest. I always laugh at how couples try to get as close to (and discreetly feel up as much of) the other person as possible, all while walking down the street. It takes great skill and co-ordination to pull that off.

But I digress. Couples, go ahead and do ya thang, I have no issues. Except when it’s in buses and in restaurants and in a 10 foot radius of me. Then we have a problem.

Every once in a while, I make friends with a girl who is fun, relaxed, and doesn’t immediately go to that default conclusion a few annoying women do when a boy is talking to them (“OMG I think he likes me - wait till I tell my BFF - do I look fat in this? - [giggle giggle]..”). Everything is fine and normal and I don’t give anything a second thought, until said friend finds a boyfriend.

Then everything goes to hell.

First, said boyfriend tries to befriend me, if he’s not in my circle of friends. This is fine; we talk, I am polite and act like he’s the cat’s meow, everyone is happy. Right? Wrong.

Phase two involves said boyfriend acting slightly strange towards me. No worries, it’s not my problem.

And then comes phase three. The girl starts acting weird.

It’s all slightly amusing if you look at it. Let’s go with a few examples:

ME: “Hey, where were you? We missed ya at the party last night”
Girl: “Hi, yes I missed everyone that happened to be there, not just you but all persons present. As a friend, I mean”.

ME: “Hey what goes on? Haven’t spoken to you in a while, we should catch up”
Girl: “Hi, yes I haven’t spoken to a LOT of people in a while; I need to catch up with SO many people, not just you, but including you too. As a friend, of course”.

ME: “Can I borrow some cash?”
Girl: “Of course, because I would give cash to ALL my friends if they asked, since I treat them ALL equally and enjoy giving my money to anyone who asks. As.. a friend”

ME: “My cat just died, I’m depressed”
Girl: “Oh that’s terrible news, I feel AWFUL! Just like I would if anyone else’s cat died, because I love all cats equally. As a friend”

You get the point.

Naturally, blame initially falls on the boyfriend in question, but seriously how insecure would you have to be to induce such paranoia in your girlfriend? I mean, he’d have to be reading her texts for any of this to be even close to justified, and surely no one does that. Right? The only explanation I can come up with is that sometimes, when we get into a relationship, there is a particular pattern and expectation of us on how we should interact with people now on. For guys, we’re expected to find all other girls mildly boring yet tolerable, and unattractive as mud. Girls, apparently, are expected to reinforce the perimeters of the friend zone with electric fences and barbed wire.

A rather mundane and pointless observance, I know; and yet, perhaps if there are any ladies out there who are unknowingly doing this, perhaps you will realised the error of your ways and decide to give your guy-friend a break.

After all, he was there first!


The Puppeteer said...

Actually laughed out loud :D
Great post!

Vak said...

who you hanging out with? haven't met this kind of giggly girls ever since A/Ls I think!
most people are quite square about their partners, i suppose

Sabby said...

The examples were epic! LOL!

Anyway I don't think newly acquired (yes, acquired) boyfriends have a problem with ALL the boys that girls are friends with but there are a few that they are threatened by. It's usually the girls fault too, they unknowingly (or knowingly, I don't know) give off a there's-a-cause-for-concern-when-it-comes-to-this-'friend' vibe.

Then the boyfriend acts retarded --> the girl acts retarded --> boys like you write posts about it! :D

tash said...

hehe funnay!
But I guess it does happen at times... Some boys are paranoid!!! And some girls tend to think that it is because he is being protective!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sabby - The boyfriend's rection will always depend on the vibe that's given off by the girlfriend.

If he feels there's nothing he should be worried about, he'll probably be very good friends with her guy friends and even in some instances, her ex boyfriends!

Seesaw said...


I do this when I think single, male friend (who I'm not attracted to at all) starts showering too much attention on me. Okay so I'm not THAT bad, and it's not when I have boyfriend but in general, because nothing's worse than turning down good friend :-/

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