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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Letter To My 16-Year Old Self

Dear 16-yr old Gehan

What goes on? Yes, that’s how we talk in the future. Greetings from your 24 year old self. I suppose at this time you’re sufficiently stressed out with A Levels to actually be unfazed by this letter-from-the-future, so perhaps that will make this conversation a little easier.

I know how much you tend to dream about having the ability to time-travel, but before you get yourself all worked up, let me just say that it never comes true. I guess this letter becomes all the more important now; a one-time-only cheat sheet into the future, so to speak.

Are you ready? Brace yourself!

The next 8 years of your life will be very different from the life you’ve lived so far, and as tempted as I am to fill you in on the details to make sure you don’t make the mistakes I did, that would only serve a tiny and selfish purpose. Besides, giving you details about the events that are going to unfold will not only rob you of their joy but will be woefully inadequate to you at this point.

Everything that happens in the next 8 years will shape you, mould you, break you and strengthen you in ways that words alone could never do. It’s gonna be kick-ass! But right now, I know what you need.

You need to know that you are not alone. That you are not a failure. That you’re not average. You need to know that you are meant for something more, and that your purpose is not to merely exist in the shadow of your peers. You need to know that you will be recognised, and that you are not foolish for being so emotional. You need to know that there is strength in you, that you have not even begun to understand. You need to know that you are a fighter, born and bred to bleed.

Stand up tall, and be proud. What you’re feeling now is just an illusion, a shadow of doubt and insecurity that has blanketed your vision for so long. I promise you that you will break free from this rut you think you’re stuck in.

Just remember to never quit on yourself, because everyone else will. I promise a bright, exciting and eventful future, but you won’t make it unless you learn to keep punching, and to never, never surrender.

Stop wallowing in self-pity. Soon you will come to a point where you mock those that do, so the sooner you get over it the better.

No more clues, my younger self. Be grateful that I’ve left the rest of your life a pleasant and unexplored mystery. I hope that this letter serves to be only a little nudge to get you on your way a little easier than it did me.

Take care of yourself, and prepare for the worst. You will fail your A levels.

Okay I’m just kidding.


Gehan (24 years old)

PS: for the love of GOD and all things, burn those brown jeans and buy yourself a normal pair!
PPS: Thanks to Cadence for the tag. I'm doing pretty good over here, but the lack of internet is definitely taking it's toll. This post was relatively easy to write, so I managed to do it last night and bring it to work. Hope you are all doing well out there! And by the way, I hereby doth tag "That Girl"!


Anonymous said...

lolol! this was funny :D ps - u drea of time travel too???? O_o

T said...

Dear 16 year old Gehan,

When you burn those brown jeans, please don't buy that stripey pair that will cause T to ridicule 24 year old Gehan til he throws them away.

Thanks in advance.

T from the future. (I'm awesome. You'll see)

Black Rose said...


PseudoRandom said...

Brown? Brown?! BROWN?!?! What were you thinking?

Oh wait, you were a 16yr old male. Explains a lot.


Angel said...

Fun post... and lol at T's comment! Did you actually throw the stripy pair away?

Gehan said...

@T - here, stop spreading false stories to innocent 16yr old me.. n they weren't stripy, they were faded! :P

@Angel - yes, sadly i did listen to her.. they were light blue jeans that i wore so much they faded to white in the front.. naturally, T assumed i had bought "faded jeans" n shamed me into chucking them.. -_-

Anonymous said...

Dear 16 year old gehan,
you will do some headless solo shit and upload on youtube and your bog too. Dont worry about it cos you're only admitting and growing headless.

Gadgetgirl said...

Failed ur Alevels? LOL. :P

Brown??? Brown??? Were they faded?? If it was so Thank Lord u burnt them.

Delilah said...

could have been worse. imagine if they were brown AND stripey. oh the horror. :P
lovely post G.

Jack Point said...

I'm almost laughing aloud at the debate between T and Gehan :)

Dishilicious said...

nice one. :)

This one's for you http://dishilicious.blogspot.com/2009/11/award-time.html :)

Stephen Chapman... said...

Cool letter - far more positive than some I have read.

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