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Monday, November 9, 2009

Dolphin's Cry

Well, apparently they do.

As is often the case, I turn to the other keyboard when I struggle with writer's block. This time I've decided to experiment with one of my favourite 90's rock songs, and hopefully I've been able to do it justice. I had actually planned on doing this a long time ago, but never had the confidence to record it. As a result, this is probably one of my most worked-on covers, though you probably won't be able to tell from listening to it.

Once again I apologise for the poor video quality. If the dodgy quality and annoying auto-focus bothers you that much, feel free to donate a better quality camera to the Darkside. Christmas is just around the corner, so let's be generous people!

So without much further ado, here is "Dolphin's Cry" by Live. As always, you can find the original here, and to download the audio version of this cover just click here.


Sabby said...

I had forgotten all about Live. Loved this cover, one of my favourites (Yes, that's a pretty long list now)


PseudoRandom said...


And like Sabby, I too had forgotten all about Live. They should thank you :P

Nah the autofocus wasn't annoying...I was too busy listening :-) And the B/W is cool! :D

Middle Child said...

awwww...gosh..its nice..good work Gehan !

gutterflower said...


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