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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Laughter In The Loo

In my post "Land of the blind", I mentioned that I was looking for employment. Well, after sending out my CV to several HR managers from several firms, I finally landed an interview. Unlike last time, the company was not in the floral business, and in fact was quite a heavy weight in the health care sector. Needless to say I was surprised to get the call; I hadn't even inserted my photo in the CV to advertise my 'fabulous hair'.

So, a shirt and tie, a three hour drive and we were in Colombo. The address led me to a rather decent office, and the receptionist ushered me to the waiting room. Finally it was my turn, and I walked in to the interview room.

The interview went quite well, if I do say so myself; this of course means that I completely and utterly fooled him. I gave the man my best I'm-a-serious-and-confident-man-who-doesn't-have-time-for-pointless-blogs impression, complete with the 'furrowed eyebrows of concentration' and the 'I understand' nod. It lasted a lot longer than I anticipated, and after 35 minutes I believe I left the interviewer with a favourable and completely inaccurate impression of me. Mission accomplished; 007 couldn't have pulled off a better piece of deception. Seeing as I was now mentally relieved, I decided to make a slight detour to the loo on my way out to, well, 'relieve'.

Going by the interview, this was a serious company. They were involved in some major projects all over the island, supplying health care solutions to several hospitals. They didn't undertake private inquiries at all; they were solely involved in government projects. They brochure was flooded with names like 'USAID', 'WHO', 'UNICEF', 'Apollo Hospitals' and, the mother of them all, the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health (gasp! applause!).

But I was pleasantly surprised to find that people still had a sense of humour there. For right next to the urinals, someone had hung a sign in an attempt encourage employees to show a little cleanliness at work, and not just on the job.

Forgive the picture quality, I took it with my camera phone in rather low light. Besides, the shutter sound that the phone made when I took the picture was a little embarrassing, so I didn't bother to take a better one.


alicia said...

a few minutes back i shut my books because i could not keep my eyes open :D been a while since i visited darkside , so i read the last 4 posts in a row and i suddenly feel so awake now !!.. hehehe..did u ever think that ur blog wud motivate people to stay up and study ??!

alicia said...

ok so my phone buzzed twice, ure waking up my boyfriend romeo :p.. wait no!

im going donw memory lane to first year, and i see a toilet notice that was put up by the warden
"Please keep toilet neat and tidy. CID peoples are watching."


krazykyd said...

hahahahaha... dooooood seriously!!!

Dinasha said...

nice... =)

Sabby said...

I lurvedddd it!

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