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Friday, October 25, 2013


I wish.
Blogging. Who does it anymore, really?
When I started this blog back in 2008... whoa. Hold on while I let that sink in.
Yes indeed, I started blogging back when my beloved Celtics had just won a championship, before we had witnessed the brilliance of "The Dark Knight", and before Jessica Chastain found Osama bin Laden.
It's hard to imagine the person I was when I decided to pen these little posts a mere 5 years ago; (definitely in better shape, but without my glorious greying sideburns which have proven to be such a chick-magnet). What started off as a way to kill the time slowly turned into a favourite past-time of mine, and soon I was churning out over-the-top posts on everything under the sun as often as I could type them.
I 'churn' out much fewer posts these days; in fact, before today I hadn't even opened Blogger in 4 months. I like to think this is because I'm much too busy these days, but it's more likely because I have lost the taste for it.
So, to get to the point: it's time to shut down Darkside Daily for good. I don't want to be too dramatic about it, especially since I've 'left blogging' before. But at the same time, I don't want it to just go quietly into the night and be a remnant on someone's Google Reader Feedly feed, hence this post.
This blog has been a repository for all my thoughts through a tumultuous period in my life. It's seen me through incredible adventures, great sporting events, amazing movies, awful heartbreaks, introspective ruminations, several angry moments, happy moments and sad ones. In five years I've come a long way, and been through so much, it's almost impossible to encapsulate here without droning.
This won't be the end of me blogging, but just a new chapter. I think it's time I start anew, and leave behind the history of the 'headless pianist'. Those of you that know me will no doubt see me sooner or later blogging under my real name, with a much less cartoony blog name (what was I thinking...). I hope that by starting over, with a new leaf, I too will be able to explore and reflect on new things and new areas in my own life.
Finally, I just want to thank all the bloggers who made the 'blogging community' so interesting back when there was such a thing. Many of you have stopped blogging, but I have made friends with you outside of the murky world of Kottu.org, so this isn't the end or anything silly like that. Thank you all for your feedback on my posts and especially my music, which I feel has been shaped largely through your comments and suggestions.
So, until the next blog post..
The Darkside bids you adieu. 


Gabutooch said...

I take comfort in the promise of your return :)

Jack Point said...

Best of luck with the new blog.

Sometimes I wonder why I still write, I'm not very sure, its almost like a diary now, a repository for random ideas.

Dishilicious said...

Good Luck with everything. :)

Looking forward to the new look, and next blog post.

Good Day! :) x

Anonymous said...

Good luck Gehan! Hope to see your new blog around!

R said...

Did enjoy reading your musings. Looking forward to seeing you in real life again!

Stay safe

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