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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Guess Who's Playing For The Melomanic Sessions This Weekend?

Who knew social networking would actually help me network, socially?

Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, this blog, some Youtube videos and a newspaper article (not to mention shameless plugging by T), I've had the privilege of being asked to play at a couple of occasions of late. I blogged about the fashion show "En Vous" which I played at a few months ago, and my next 'gig' is for the "Melomanic Sessions" happening this Sunday.

(Click here for the promo video.)

The Melomanic Sessions already had one, well, 'session' last November, and it was a great success, with the proceeds going to a worthy cause. This time, instead of charging a fixed entrance fee, you can come listen to some great acoustic music by donating whatever you feel is appropriate, as these funds will go towards the Warehouse Project's "EAT" program and utilized for a payment of appreciation to participating performers of the evening.

Asela and co. are a lot more experienced bunch when it comes to these things, so I'm hoping I don't let the side down! I worked frantically to come up with three songs that I could pull off live without re-edits and re-recording, and I hope it turns out well. Do come if you're free, it'll be at the Warehouse Project, Maradana at 6:30pm this coming Sunday, the 8th of January. The FB event page can be found here if you need more details, as well as a list of the other performers.

Hope to see you there!


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