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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Brutal Truth

The following is a small excerpt from the last episode of "House", a show I absolutely love, not so much for the quality of the episodes (which are good) but for the amazing intricacies that Hugh Laurie has managed to extract from the character over a period of 7 and a half years.

The scene begins with the entire team discussing the latest turn of events regarding a patient who needs a liver transplant. Strangely, he feels he cannot accept a liver transplant unless he tells the potential donors the truth about him, and that is he was cheating on his wife when he was struck by this 'mystery illness'. Unfortunately, when he goes to confess to his friends, he tells them that he has cheated and stolen from each one of them as well, resulting in almost all his friends who lined up to donate, leaving.

Chase: Telling the truth may have just cost this guy his life.

Adams: I told him to confess that he cheated, not confess every sin he's ever committed.

Park: If everyone did that, we wouldn't find a donor for anyone.

Adams: Everybody doesn't lie, cheat and steal from their friends.

Chase: Yeah they do. Maybe not as much as this guy, but if people told nothing but the truth the world would probably burn down overnight.

Adams [shrugs]: Some people think it's burning now. Maybe if everybody didn't lie...

House [joins the table]: Oh that is just cute.

Adams: [confused]

House: I'm talking about your breasts. They always get perky when you're being painfully earnest. Truth. It's uncomfortable isn't it? More truth: I only noticed because Chase was staring at them. He'll never admit it because he doesn't want to offend you, same reason he'll never tell you he's thought about having sex with you. But to be fair, every man you've ever met has thought about having sex with you. They'll lie; probably because if you knew, you wouldn't want to have sex with them. And that's just some of the lies from the last minute...

And here's a bigger one: you already know this. But you pretend you don't because it makes you feel civilized.

Most people find it easier to ignore the truth.

Points to ponder?

This segment of "TV Show Therapy" is brought to you by this glorious long weekend.


Spice said...

I've always wondered abt the choice of blatant truth against the consequences..
but to be honest House is taking a it a bit too far.. Telling the truth doesnt have to be you have to tell every little thing you think about a person now does it ?
Again it's a thin gray line!

T said...

lol have you watched the invention of lying?

Gehan said...

Spice: I think the rationale is that some lies are necessary, just from a logical standpoint. We lie profusely for someone's surprise party, and we do the same if we're interested in a guy/girl ("Oh, fancy meeting you here, what a coincidence!"). Where do we draw the line? Selfish reasons? Unfair advantages? Life and death?

T: Nope. Movie?

Angel said...

Ha ha, I watched this last night... I must say HL is epic in how he portrays the character.

I seem to remember something in the dammapada effectively saying "just because it's the truth, doesn't mean to have to say it".

Seesaw said...

I think you lie more when you have more to lose. Therefore, if you love someone alot you may lie to them more than you would to a stranger. And that's actually a good thing...point to ponder?

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