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Friday, March 25, 2011

Twenty Minute Posting

In an effort to keep my blog active, I've decided to start a new 'thang' here at Darkside Daily. Every week, I'll be posting one 'Twenty Minute Post'. The objective is simple and rather self-explanatory - write a post, any post, in twenty minutes or less and post it.

While this may seem rather simple to most, you probably don't know how much thought I put into a blog post. I mean, I literally agonise over them for days, sometimes even weeks; something you probably wouldn't be able to tell from the writing unfortunately.

Either way, I doubt these posts will have any general direction, rather, they'll most likely just be a memory dump; a little space where whatever is in my head comes crashing out.

And just like that, I've only got 12 minutes left...!

Can't wait to go home today, after two weeks away due to work and pleasure (it wasn't as glamorous as it sounds). I remember back when I was in school, I used to be terrified to return home. Well, perhaps terrified is too strong a word, but I definitely did not look forward to it. I didn't know it at the time, but this was more due to my strange and fragile nature. Yes, 'fragile'. I was a kid who didn't know how to handle situations. All I had was my stubborn streak of bulldozing through whatever trials, emotional or otherwise, that came in my way. It is, fortunately (or unfortunately), a trait I still carry to this day.

Nine minutes to go...!

It's strange how things change. When you're in your teens you always think, "I'll never change, I'll always be this way, I won't become like my parents or adult friends". We really do think we'll live forever, though more in our thinking rather than in actuality. And yet, here I am, and I see my life in such a different light. My family, my life, my choices, my dreams - they look so much different now than they did a mere 5, 6 years ago.

Final four minutes...!

I guess what I'm trying to say is...

I'm glad I changed.

Have a great weekend, readers.


Gutterflower said...

Yeah. I take an insanely long time to write posts as well :|

Anyhoo, love the idea! And to think you actually gave up on the blog for a while.

۞ -- MìsChìef -- ۞ said...

Lol I've made a million such resolutions and failed :-S super exercise tho, i write nonstop for twenty every morning, and try not to stop my pencil. It's maddening!!! Becomes an interesting study of ur stream of consciousness also :) good luck!

Whacko said...

Ah! innovative approach. i must try that.. As for not wanting to turn out like your parent's generation, i'm fast beginning to think of that as a lost cause..We'll probably turn out just like em, its like the more your try to fight it the more it pulls you under. Quicksand.

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