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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wherever You Will Go

I'm not even sure what to write about this song; I find it increasingly hard to explain the thought processes that go on while doing a cover. When it's straight forward, you can write about the lyrics and the tune and how you decided on doing it, but that's all rather academic and no one's really interested in that.

This cover is pretty unique, simply because I may have actually created a song that is too difficult for me to sing. Switching up a song and making it your own is always risky, and more often than not it ends in failure. Trust me, I've listened to this cover at least 50 times since I recorded it and I'm still not sure which category it falls into.

"Wherever You Will Go" is such a classic early 2000's happy song, back from the golden era of alternative rock music. I was told recently that I sometimes do songs that are too similar, and that I tend to favour the moody minor songs. Which is why I thought I'd do this as a cover, and honestly it sounded good until I played a wrong chord, and all of a sudden this haunting, echoing version was born.

While I played it I felt all the happy hopefulness of the original song drain away into this empty, almost desperate alternate version. The promise of 'going wherever you will go' had turned into 'I'm not there, but you will never be able to get rid of me'. A declaration of love had turned into an ominous vow of sorts.

My imagery is heavily biased towards all things dark and shady, I admit. So I'll leave that to you, the listener.

As always, click here for the original, and click here to download the mp3 of the cover.




Sabby said...

How wonderfully haunting.
I don't think it's even possible to imagine a 'dark' rendition of that particular song (such a happy song) but you made it your own and it's very good, G.

I, personally, started connecting with it after the chorus and then it just gets better.

PseudoRandom said...

Duuuude...spooky! :D

I love the arrangement, makes it very stalkerish (I'm not sure that's necessarily a good thing, but...). It does sound like you're searching for the notes in a few places, but I know what it's like to take a 'major' song you're really familiar with and sing it in a minor key - it's not easy! So well done :-)

And about your choice of songs...wouldn't really be characteristic of the 'Darkside' to sing happy songs now would it? :D

Black Rose said...

Dude, loved it.

T said...

I've actually never considered this a happy song. I mean, the first line itself is about breaking up no? :S

Loved the vocals, and though I wasn't crazy about the slower pace at first, the whole thing is really starting to grow on me. Listened to it multiple times already :)

Anonymous said...

you have an amazing voice.

krazykyd said...

Make no mistake, I'm a huge fan of your covers,so much that you've changed the way I hum a few songs, but in all honesty, this didn't work for me. Ruined it infact. :|
Haunting tone, really now? Loneliness much? :P

Gehan said...

Sabby - thanks, im glad you connected with it..!

PR - funny, that's exactly the word i wanted to use to describe it too: stalkerish! wasn't sure if anyone else would get that. and thanks for understanding the nuances of changing up a major key song to a minor! glad u liked :)

black rose - dude, thanks! :D

T - on second thoughts, you're right. it isn't a very 'happy song' per say.really glad it's growing on you, it took some time to grow on me as well! haha :)

anonymous - thank u so much! :)

krazykyd - haha dude no worries, this cover was kinda hit n miss anyways! glad you were honest about it, and i'll make up for it next time :D yes yes, loneliness much, i know :P

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