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Monday, October 26, 2009

This Is Why Gehan Is A Snob

I have been called many things in my short stay on this earth. Thanks to my unconventionally spelt name, I've heard everything from Gyaan to Gay-haan to Gay-hen. Throw in my middle name and - oh wait, you don't know about that.

Moving swiftly along..

Like I was saying, I've been called many things. Stupid. Funny. Weird. Short. Fat. Skinny. Sexy (yes, that's right!). Pessimistic. Mean. Cold. The list is endless. But then, throughout all these, the most common label has always been - "snob".

Apparently, I am a snob.

In an effort to clarify this, I consulted wikipedia. I mean, I'm a 24 year old adult male addicted to the internet, where else would I go, right? Well, Wikipedia states that a snob is - well it's pretty complex, and sounds like something a snob person with a more serious disposition would write about. Instead, my dictionary puts it more succintly - "a person who has an exaggerated respect for high social position or wealth and who looks down on those regarded as socially inferior".

Lovely. What the heck?

Over time I've had the opportunity (and a brazen lack of shame) to ask a few people why they felt that way about me. The answers I have received have been so varied and so bizarre that I still struggle to understand it. Which brings me to the point of this post.

Here are some of the reasons why I'm (apparently) a snob.

1. You don't talk much.

Ah, the classic answer. Apparently, because I don't socialise much or mix very well with people, I am a snob. No doubt, the only reason a person would not go around introducing himself to all and sundry is because he considers them inferior. Of course. What other reason could there be? It's not like perhaps he's self-conscious, shy, not a good conversationalist, or just quiet by nature.

No no, he's a snob. The bastard.

2. You're from Kandy.

I kid you not, I've even heard that! Yes, I am from the 'hill capital' and our people are full of the blood of kings, so naturally I am a snob. No, let's not judge my actions or my behaviour, or the fact that I'm half Indian and my father is a tamil. Lets just label me a derogatory term simply because I live here. I suppose this means people from the east coast are all fishermen and people from Nepal are all yetis.


3. You talk to them so much and you don't talk to me like that.

That's because I don't know you like I know 'them'. I take time to get to know people, and when I reach a level of comfort I am free and open just like anyone else. However, I don't open up to everyone. Why should I? Surely I know who I would get along with, and also who would get along with me. If you're not that person, it's not that big a deal! I didn't get along with my own brother till about 5 years ago, he didn't mind. Why should you?

4. You speak English all the time.

That's because my Sinhala sucks. No, seriously, that's all there is to it.


5. You have a massive ego.

I really have no idea where this comes from. I live at home with my parents, in a basement bedroom. I have no job, no friends and no money. How could I possibly have an ego? And this coming from someone that said I didn't talk much; I wonder how you managed to assess my massive ego without me saying anything.

6. You're a bully, you always say mean things to me.

You're right, I do. Especially with girls, I tend to be a bit over the top, but I have always thought I knew where to draw the line. I tend to show affection and camaraderie via slight verbal jabs and the like. It's just a way for me to show you that I'm having fun, and it isn't meant to be at your expense. If it does come across like that, perhaps I've crossed the line. This is the only point that I can somewhat understand.

7. You're always making fun of people.

Why is this such a bad thing? When I'm in a group I definitely make fun of someone or the other, if the opportunity arises. I like to think that people would do that to me too if they found something I said or did funny. Yet just because I point and laugh now and then, it doesn't mean it is done with malice. When a friend trips on his laces and falls over, I would laugh at him as long as he didn't fall in front of a moving vehicle and end up in hospital. Anything short of that is going to result in laughter. Wouldn't you? It's the universal short-cut to the funny bone - why else would we find this funny? It isn't done out of an air of superiority; if I tripped over my laces, I'd be surprised if no one laughed at me!

I have a sense of humour. If you don't get that, we shouldn't be talking anyway. And since when did having a sense of humour become a bad thing??

8. You use the word 'ciao'.

You have got to be kidding me.

I really should stop now, because my blood is boiling as I type this out (which reminds me - apparently getting angry is another sign of snobbishness!). I generally don't go around defending myself but the sheer ludicrousness of these assumptions were just begging for a post. At the end of it all, perhaps I am a snob, but if farcical deductions such as these are enough for people to form opinions on people, I shudder to think of the number of completely bogus stories that have been whispered behind people's back, accusing innocent (most likely) people for what is, in the end, no reason at all.

Watch your words, children.


Scrumpulicious said...

You are such a snob!

Pay no attention to anyone who tells you otherwise! ;-)

PseudoRandom said...

LOL at the Obama poster :D

I've been accused of #1 for as long as I can remember; replace Kandy with UK and I'm with you on #2; I've been accused of #4 by ppl at my old school (and it wasn't even true...anyone who understands Sinhala and chats with me for a bit will know that my mother tongue is Singlish); apparently I can claim #5 'cos of where I'm studying; and I've been accused of #6 and #7 too.

You say 'ciao'?!?!? hahahahahaha :D

Erm so yeah, I feel your pain. Let those ppl nurture the inferiority complexes that they clearly love so much.

P.S. - middle name. want. NOOOOOWWWW! :P

St. Fallen said...

nah, you're not a snob.
but wait, am I still a snob? :O

Girigoris the One said...

Tsk, tsk, ur tone is sooooo insulting.. We're being barked down at! Having the need to write this post this way itself makes u a snob

Gehan said...

scrumpy: indeed :P

PR: yea that obama poster was hilarious :D as for the middle name... no.chance.in.hellll!

st.fallen: thanks.. err.. i dunno, did i call u a snob? :S

Girigoris: tsk tsk.. ur soooo stupid.. the 'need' was more to highlight how ppl form opinions based on the silliest things, such as what language i speak in, or, like u just did, on the 'tone' of my post.. :)

Dee said...


The Puppeteer said...

I hear ya! Same goes for me save for 2,4,5,6,7, and 8 =P

I got the snob thing a lot back in school. They didn't realise I was just timid...

Anonymous said...

lol this was hilarious!!! :D people are just naturally judgmental men. Its our nature.

Gadgetgirl said...


Ive been called "stuck up" by many people. MANY!

pissu perera said...

hang on, why is it a problem so?

Gehan said...

puppeteer: ah well, that seems to be a common assumption...

blackexists: indeed...! thats NOT a good thing tho...

gadgetgirl: u know what i mean then :)

PP: why is what a problem? forming snap judgements based on silly notions? well it propogates a wrong impression of someone, and fuels prejudice..

T said...

I think what PP means is why is it a problem if ppl think ur a snob? As long as you know ur not, that's all that matters no?

People call me a snob all the time. It gives me great joy :)

Gehan said...

T: ah alrite.. well, its not a problem as such. the point of the post was just to show that people make baseless accusations of others often.. like i said in the post, perhaps i AM a snob, but certainly not for the reasons ive heard...

and pls, your FACE gives me great - wait a minute....

Anonymous said...

such presumptious writing! ;P i used to be a snob, tho i had little reason for it, sometime ago- maybe we all are in places- snobbishness is also the otherside of the insecurity coin.. eitherways.. - a joke that's funny, but not tur, or unkind, is never worth telling... get in to fiction/advertising and keep ur humour for that... ahh raving...hi btw..

Dishilicious said...

ha ha ha... i feel you. :) i get this most of the time. can totally relate to the reasons 1, 3, 5 & 6. what to do no? :D

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