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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Transformers, T-Shirts And Toys

Going by the usual chaos and confusion that is Sri Lanka, starting the week on a Tuesday should come as no surprise. Another long weekend, another day where the country loses business while the rest of the world is working. Honestly, am I the only person that thinks we have an absurd number of holidays? I am sure that if there are others that agree with me, they definitely do not work in my brother's school. While most educational institutes are determined to educate their children, this school seems hell bent on finding whatever excuse they can to close shop! If a holiday falls on a Thursday or a Tuesday, they conveniently decide to close school on Friday or Monday as well, thus 'creating' a long weekend. Their logic is flawless; why would a student come to school between two holidays? But that's not all; just the other week, school was closed on a Friday. The reason? The staff were going for a 3 day educational 'conference'. To Kandalama. All expenses paid. Sure.

But who am I to begrudge the hard working staff in the business of education? I for one had an interesting long weekend as well, though for my family and I, our idea of a trip is merely to go to Colombo. Still, my brother and I got to see Transformer 2, which was loud, theatrical, over-the-top, and pointless. Needless to say, I loved it! I have said it before and I'll say it again - we men are simple creatures. Give us cool giant transforming robots, explosions, semi-lewd humour and Megan Fox, and we're more than satisfied. In addition, I got to spend some quality time with the Bro which really was priceless.

Now don't you start "Aww-ing" and all; quality time with Bro usually involves fighting about pointless topics and generally just annoying each other to the point of mock-violence. However, there were a few moments during our trip where we were in total agreement.

1. Transformers 2 was cool!

2. Visiting relatives is boring! Die relatives, die!

3. Eating McDonald's for dinner at midnight is extremely unhealthy (and hence cool!)

4. This is the most ridiculous T-shirt in the history of mankind.

Yes, it may look cool and 'gothic' and what not, with it's shiny gold writing in very cursive and flowing fonts, especially with all the 'ancient parchment' type writing on the back as well. But, check out what it actually SAYS:

Front: Record background history of eternity the ages 1979.

Back: The dedication to hero all fighter person agree sacrifice one's life, body, mind, for accident dear nation, to accident immortal mind, which get descended come to fighter free descendants, for people relatives all, get live happily throughout both of sky land, both of the water, both of the air, both of person exist and sleep, until person immortal eat time life. Love, be related, believe in, Gnoran.

Doesn't that just blow your mind?? Needless to say it's quite obvious that we stumbled across the ancient writings of the Sri Lankan Illuminati Cell Group. I am sure that as soon as Dan Brown gets here, we will no doubt discover that these mystic writings are key to unlocking the great truth of all mankind - yes, Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett and Prabhakaran were all members of a super secret super ancient cult that were seeking to expose the fallacies of modern religion and return us all back to our true roots, where we all worshipped, err, roots. If only Obama's super super secret cult hadn't gotten to them first!

Though seriously, that t-shirt was selling for 500 bucks! What?! Do people actually BUY this stuff?? And that's not the only ridiculous item we found in that store. Check out the label to this Batman action figure, complete with all sorts of bat-gizmos.

High performance all new items best quality modern and elegant in fashion

What? I thought that was an action figure for kids. What is all this nonsense about being 'elegant in fashion'?! This isn't Barbie, this is BATMAN!!!

Either way, it was an 'entertaining' weekend, and I hope yours was as well!


The Puppeteer said...

Once you get working you'll appreciate all the holidays... In fact when I become ruler of the world I'll make the weekend three days long!

Naal said...

hmpf...i always though batman was extremely elegant and fashionable...:p

And are u mad?!? You know 3 day weekends are actually festivals here. People actually come out on the streets to celebrate and plan waaaay in advance to go on trips if there is a long weekend coming up. In fact the saddest calendrical (is this a word?) development of this year is that 15th aug (our independence day) falls on a bloody Saturday!!! 2009 is a bloody disaster for me! o_0

Delilah said...

G!!! some ppl LIVE for long weekends!!! and i vote for the puppeteer as ruler of the world!

rojan said...

You always can Puppeteer. But I want someone who can make weekends the working days. And the rest is party! I would have to be in nursing scrubs for only two days.

Makuluwo said...

LOL @ tshirts and Batman!
The Batman thing is madness, I'm outraged. :P

Yxl Ian said...

yeah,I think so. I also like the Transformers t shirt.

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